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Jul 2017
Many people asked me why did I admire her,
Of all the beautiful and talented artist;
well we all have different taste why we like people...
For me, I like her because she's close to my heart.
She got this straight long hair,
petite body, not so thick brows, plain but thoughtful eyes and thin lips.
I like her cute feminine style, she always wear dress and sometimes blouse and skirts.
She doesn't wear much of accessories.
She doesnt dye her hair much and it is either long hair or short hair is her haircut.
She wears makeup that is enough to give color on her face
For me she's simple and thats one of the many things I like about her.
She's good in singing,
she can sing all genres of music.
She can reach high notes and she composed songs too...
Every lyrics her song tells a story;
Misery, loneliness, pain, love and joy.
Its like she's talking to me, like she's telling how she feels even though I didn't directly understand the lyrics.
The melody of her voice express it.
She doesn't have an easy past
She started her career by auditions
She wasn't easily accepted by people
She earned her popularity by working hard
She shares her blessings by donating to charity
She have fans like kids, teens, men and woman.
And she is really an inspiration.
She never forget to give thanks to her fans.
You will know she cares for them because she shares them the things she have whenever she have the time to meet her fans.
Despite of issues about her, bashersΒ  who make her down. Those people who didn't notice how amazing she is.
How she serves as an inspiration and a role model to a simple girl like me and
She is a true idol.
Inspire by my idol, Lee Ji-Eun (IU) <3
Written by
Raindrops  Philippines
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