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mae Jan 2021
Dear White Lies I was told as a child,
though you came from the mouths of people I trusted the most,
still I was betrayed by you.
You came in the form of
“I love you,”
and “you’ll be okay,”
and “I’ll never leave.”
You were sharper than a knife and you twisted at my heart
until finally it bled out onto a paper that would never be read by anyone else but you and I.
I trashed a note that would make more of you enter into my brain
and grow until finally you looked down upon me
as if I were nothing more than a bug
compared to you.
Anita Feb 2019
What are lies and why are they white?
This question throws me on an endless plight.
Leaves me wondering for hours and hours,
Don’t throw **** at me and tell me it’s flowers.

If I ask you a question, you better answer me straight,
And if you don’t, it’s a little too late,
I don’t accept lies that are white.
You have a better chance of turning into a hermaphrodite.
What’s the point of a white lie, the truth always hurts and they will find it out sooner or later.
indigochild Dec 2018
words spit out
white lies
that turn in vain

truth is the weight
which burdens us
Amaris Oct 2018
A childish accusation, "You promised"
Before fear's taught kids are bolder
Denied the right, who can I trust
And I can't say, now that I'm older

Growing up we all learn how to lie
Despite all our parents' trying
It's become my second nature, why?
I've found it's easier than fighting

When the world demands a lot of you
You learn to adjust or fall apart
Rarely is the desired answer true
Tangled in lies, where do I start

I know I can do better and I should
A refrain throughout our heads
Binding words, be a kid that's "good"
Follow through all that's been said

My master is fear, I've learned my lesson
Lying seems to be an act that's kind
We tend to try to have good intentions
"How are you today?" "I'm doing fine."
Seen in its entirety against or being amongst the dark night sky.
The stars then shine brighter
When they are seen together.
Such a shade of colour.

That is the white shadow that hangs still and kneels.
Still, is that a shadow for real?
A white shadow of the sky - why do you ask, why?

I am sitting here at a round table
But I am sitting at a ring of white
Transparent, glass
Where I can see everything right through.
It too
Reflects the light from my eyes.

In its light, there is no fire, no beam, no heat and the air ----
Washes and bathes you yet keeps you dry.

It is just a glow that weighs nothing.
Where and how does it lie?
It is just a piece of eternity's presence looming.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
unknown Apr 2018
He used me
Making me think he loved me
Make me think that I loved him.
He railed me in with his words,
Building my trust.
I shouldn’t have done it,
I shouldn’t have said yes.
I should have known to him in just an object to look at,
Bringing my self confidence more down then it already is.
He used me for “makeup material”.
He just looks at me like my body is just something you buy.
But when he told me I was “beautiful”,
I knew it was fake.
I could see the white lies he was telling me.
Saying “oh but I really do love you”
That wasn’t like him.
I should’ve known that he was telling my white lies,
Telling me stuff I want to hear
Telling me pretty little lies.
Like a thieving serpent.
Comes quietly and bites giving you venom.
The venom of fake love.
When he texted me telling me what happened,
I cut all my hopes and dreams away.
He told me “Don’t cut of me im not worth it”
But to me he was my everything.
I helped him off the ground when his spine was acting up.
I held him when he was scared.
I set him on the couch making sure he was okay.
But in the end he was just using me.
This happened Saturday night
Lyda M Sourne Apr 2018
Once upon a blue moon,
Fairy tales come true.

Once upon a time,
Happily ever after was real.

So let me be April's fool 'til the dawn of midnight,
Believing each lie painted white.
April fools!
trf Nov 2017
Black shoelace, tied in knots
basks my face with paltry plots
stole my heart like summer's sin
heat is threatened by cool wind
        Rear view mirror, burned by glow
        reflects a frozen, fragile soul
        they appear, my warm woes
        white lies, turn from ash to coal
Crave smoke rings, periled fade
round' my solo fireplace
truths can't find their crumbs to trace
her sparrow, sings a love charade
        All my years, i'm alive
        caches in my brain's hard drive
        my White lies, wear a Black shoelace
        they delve deep, digest disgrace..
Ken May 2017
Be honest!
I'm not a fool
I know all the things you said were just facades of truth.
Don't say "I just don't want to hurt you"
Because these white lies impale me everyday
Jayantee Khare Apr 2017
Someone asked me, what i am afraid of?
I wanted to say my own reflections
For it may reveal my darkness
But i froze..
Within the white lies
covered by
my blues..
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