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4d · 610
The feeling of inspiration
To write for someone,

Your Someone,

Is a powerful thing.
Nov 30 · 138
Greg Piegari Nov 30
One day at a time
and in a few
I’ll be EIGHT months in
which is pretty cool

I think about day one
And while it was fun
The further away
Makes eight feel like an easier day.
Oct 4 · 53
Greg Piegari Oct 4
6 months in and I’m going strong.
6 months in seems short but felt long.
6 months in and I’m finding my way.
6 months in and this is what I can say.
6 months in brought me hope and fight.
6 months in showed me “Me” and for once everything feels alright.

Half a year goes by quick.
But 6 months is tedious and long when you take it one step at a time.
Greg Piegari Aug 28
The love you share with me doesn’t go unnoticed. They see your glow and trust your heart. They’ve seen you struggle and they’ve seen you crumble.
They watched you heal and grow.
You aren’t afraid to let your heart love again and neither are they..... I just happen to be the lucky fool that crossed your path at the right time!
Jul 17 · 205
Closing the distance
Greg Piegari Jul 17
She could’ve been the one that got away.
But you didn’t let that happen.
You are stronger now.
And part of the love you have for her is that she can see that too.
You put your strength, your effort, and your time into yourself.
And, in her, you will find that reciprocation.
Jul 5 · 110
The balance in between
Greg Piegari Jul 5
My past is just that, my past, and I Will fix my mistakes.
My future cannot be told therefore my mistakes have not been made.

This is my Now. My mistakes are old and new but I will always have today to try again.
Jun 29 · 100
The price of Love
Greg Piegari Jun 29
Falling in love is a process for you and I.
We can’t afford love at first sight, it’s been way to expensive for us in the past. So we figured out how to budget and make our payments overtime and the beauty of it is that whatever you are saving up for is worth it.
Greg Piegari Jun 26
I fell in love with your foundation like I’ve never done before.
Over time you’ll hold my hand and bring me on that tour.
I’ve seen many doors, windows, and rooms.
And I’ve fallen in love, before I’ve seen the foundation, and that has simply been my doom.
So with you I know the foundation is there.
And I’ll call you my mobile home because together we can go anywhere.
Jun 25 · 374
Sober Thoughts
Greg Piegari Jun 25
The world is way different with my sober eyes.
And I can’t explain the simple beauty I see watching birds fly.
I’ve missed out on so much these past 5 years.
But now is my chance to raise an empty glass and say cheers.
For all of us dealing with life at the moment.
I know now that we all have a chance for atonement.
You may not know me and that’s okay.
But if you need me I’ll be a kind stranger and hold your hand the whole way.
Jun 23 · 120
Greg Piegari Jun 23
People are people.
People get Jealous.
People get Angry.
People Cry.
People Laugh.
People Dream.
People Wish.
People Love.
People want   to be Loved.
People Share Love    with Other People.
            People are just that, People.
Jun 21 · 65
It’s a curious thing
Greg Piegari Jun 21
The brain is a curious thing.
There is so much to it that we don’t understand, and even things that Science can’t explain.
   Yet the brain is essentially us.
And isn’t that an interesting idea?
That is the fact that even science agrees that we truly don’t understand who we are.
But there is one thing science and ourselves agree on.........we all want to keep trying to figure it out.
Jun 20 · 117
Greg Piegari Jun 20
I’m two parts of a whole
I have my Fathers Mind
And My Mothers heart
If you do the math that equals one whole
Jun 18 · 208
Greg Piegari Jun 18
Keep it simple stupid. I keep telling myself this everyday and it’s’s ******* working.....why in the hell do we make things so much more difficult for ourselves than it has to be? It’s because we are human. We **** up, we hurt, we cry, we laugh, we live, we love, but in the end we learn we will always learn. Stop giving yourself so much ****....the world is doing enough of that for you already. So just put up your ******* and yell *******! Because you are more important and the way you feel is ******* valid that’s the simplicity of the matter.

Learning is the hard part but it’s the necessary step and if you are accepting to learn than you just figured out how to K.I.S.S
Jun 18 · 311
This ones for me
Greg Piegari Jun 18
Have you ever had the feeling of wanting to be the glue, the structure, the foundation. That intense yearning and pull to be everyone’s someone.
Have you ever felt like what it’s like to be me?
Jun 17 · 42
The fault in ourselves
Greg Piegari Jun 17
Little idiosyncrasy’s and the little imperfections are what we fall in love with.
         and that’s **** beautiful!
Jun 16 · 140
3 Steps
Greg Piegari Jun 16
With Love, comes work
With work, comes effort
With effort, comes happiness

— The End —