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Greg Piegari Feb 2020
Every time I leave you it hurts even more

Crossing that line back home, answering each question like I’m okay

And I’m trying hard to accept the pain because it’s tethered to my true love.
Brenda Mukisa May 2018
He is perfect.
In height, age and appearance.
His pink lips turn a darker shade when he licks them.
He looks at her as she smiles..... or laughs.
He turns away when she looks at him.
Sometimes he continues staring....

He is handsome this one.
The way he turns all red when his emotions are spiked.
Or how he tries to make his small eyes appear bigger.
He looks great in yellow... or blue...or other colours.
He is a beautiful man indeed.

He is kind and respectful.
Blows children kisses and plays with them.
He is loved every where he goes.
At least by all she has met.
He doesn't take life too serious.....and plays along with all.

It was nice meeting you, he said....

I hope you become mine, she prayed silently......
R A Lee Jul 2016
Green as clovers,
his eyes make me feel as if I'm his lucky star.
With an embrace stronger than any ocean current, he  holds tight to our dreams.
Stronger than Atlas, he carries the weight of both our fears.
My love for him rivals every god in the heavens;
the perfect offering for Aphrodite.
He makes my cold heart burn with desire.
He is my person and no one else's.
tyler Apr 2016
a lot has changed. i've developed a love for the lowercase.

i lost a love for you.

i gained a love for her. and that shifted to a new thing. a thing i can't always quite explain.

it seems all my work has always been about others. i find inspiration in bricks and dogs and pebbles and people.

and now i'm finding my inspiration in me.
even if i'm scaring me a little. the days are darker shades of grey than i would like but they haven't gotten the best of me yet. and so i keep writing.

because i have to. because i need to. because "where i'm from that **** hurts".

— The End —