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Greg Piegari Jan 11
I love you and the bag you drag
You pull it with such strength
But it exhausts you
I watch in awe but I see Your eyes
they have a hint of shame
Like we all do
I’ll open your bag but you’ll stop me
I’ll smile
And I’ll tell you with reassurance
I want to see what shaped the Woman I Love today.
Greg Piegari Jan 7
We will lie and lie
over and over
to try and pretend
that we are happy
These are words that are proof of my own growth, true love and happiness.
Greg Piegari Jan 3
Don’t feel like an imposter, because Art in question is where the Seed of Inspiration rests.
Greg Piegari Dec 2019
The feeling of inspiration
To write for someone,

Your Someone,

Is a powerful thing.
Greg Piegari Nov 2019
One day at a time
and in a few
I’ll be EIGHT months in
which is pretty cool

I think about day one
And while it was fun
The further away
Makes eight feel like an easier day.
Greg Piegari Oct 2019
6 months in and I’m going strong.
6 months in seems short but felt long.
6 months in and I’m finding my way.
6 months in and this is what I can say.
6 months in brought me hope and fight.
6 months in showed me “Me” and for once everything feels alright.

Half a year goes by quick.
But 6 months is tedious and long when you take it one step at a time.
Greg Piegari Aug 2019
The love you share with me doesn’t go unnoticed. They see your glow and trust your heart. They’ve seen you struggle and they’ve seen you crumble.
They watched you heal and grow.
You aren’t afraid to let your heart love again and neither are they..... I just happen to be the lucky fool that crossed your path at the right time!
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