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Greg Piegari Dec 2020
I never thought I’d ever meet my person.
In my world you simply didn’t exist.
Then it happened,
Separated by invisible boundaries,
we pushed and we persist.
And now being away from you is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.
But the connection I feel makes me smile.
Because with that
We will always overcome
Every struggle and each and every **** Mile
Greg Piegari Feb 2020
I deeply have Passion and Love.
But I often feel such Disparity.
And somewhere
in between
There is Peace.
Greg Piegari Feb 2020
I’ve been Lost without knowing someone will find me
I’ve been low before she picked me back up
I’ve been someone else until she brought Myself back out
I drag myself through mud just for her to show me the right path
I have been beaten over and over until she came and helped me win
I am nothing by myself but she’s here now
Nothing is not what she deserves
She will help make Me into Something because I Want to give her everything
She’s strong, beautiful, and everything that catches the worlds eye
and the world is what she deserves
For the woman I Love who’s hundreds of Miles away.
Greg Piegari Feb 2020
Every time I leave you it hurts even more

Crossing that line back home, answering each question like I’m okay

And I’m trying hard to accept the pain because it’s tethered to my true love.
Greg Piegari Jan 2020
I love you and the bag you drag
You pull it with such strength
But it exhausts you
I watch in awe but I see Your eyes
they have a hint of shame
Like we all do
I’ll open your bag but you’ll stop me
I’ll smile
And I’ll tell you with reassurance
I want to see what shaped the Woman I Love today.
Greg Piegari Jan 2020
We will lie and lie
over and over
to try and pretend
that we are happy
These are words that are proof of my own growth, true love and happiness.
Greg Piegari Jan 2020
Don’t feel like an imposter, because Art in question is where the Seed of Inspiration rests.
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