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Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
Goddess, such a relegating term
But then again,
How do you abridge someone
Who embodies universes inside?
How do I, a mere wanderer,
who is in awe of your luminous wit
Who has traversed her terrains,
Strolled from the glacier
Though her well carved volcanoes
Down to her meadows where,
Her majestic rivers meet and form conflux.
Where her flower continuesly disperse
The elixir of eternal life,
When it is kindled by the desire.
How could i, a mere nomad
Who continouesly crave this water of life
Who is always seeking this fountain,
do you justice,
And encapsulate you, the infinite beauty,
In one word,
Except for the relegating term Goddess,
That my petty mind could come up with.
Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
Our eyes entwined together,
Whilst my fingers appreciate her curves.
With each touch runs a ripple,
Down her spine and beyond.
Her fingers swirl around in my hair,
Complementing them,
For the maze they are.
My existence buried in hers,
Striving to keep its identity,
Craving the honey dripping down her ***.
Her existence drowning in mine,
Like its hit by a thousand tsunamis,
All at once.
She tries her best to keep it all down,
Hide the obvious tell-tales of glee,
Her burning cheeks and scarlet smile,
Her twinkling eyes and dry lips,
But her sporadic breaths are telling the tales.
Revealing the secrets of the ecstatic sin.
Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
What was our love,
If not just an other Shakespearean tragedy?
An other story of tragic heroes cursed by their fate,
Struggling to exist within their characters.
You, facing the external conflicts from family.
Me and my internal conflict
(of not being courageous enough).
Our tragic loss of our selves and each other,
Thanks to the diabolical supernatural elements,
Playing their own characters in the play.
The lack of poetic justice,
causing a poor end to the tragedy.
And in the end a comic relief,
through the humorous character of time it self.

Tell me again,
What was our love,
If not just an other Shakespearean tragedy?
Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
I suppose i was confined to darkness
For a wee bit of a time.
But they say the light comes,
The things change,
And the darkness loses.
And maybe it is true.
But i wonder if darkness
Really loses to the light.
Then why it always leaves a shadow behind?
Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
Some where between the perpetual isolation
that we created in the name of personal space.
The wounds that were never healed,
Because they never received the ointment of attention.
The misunderstandings
That pilled up into a giant rumpus,
And ignited the dubious disposition,
turning the intimate conversations into constant fights.
The love that we lost,
To the demonic darkness of our egoistic nature,
Still exists,
But only in the fragments
Of some moth-eaten memories.
Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
Let’s defy these scientific rules for a minute
And immobilize this systematic reality.
Lets make our own personal route
Towards a surreal land, just like fantasy

A place where i could stretch my arm and grab a star
A place where you could sit by my side, holding a jar.

Where we could put them in jar and keep it under the moon.
Then listen to their sweet, soothing and mellow tune.

Where we could make anything from their glowing dust.
Or use them to fullfil our wishes, if we must.

A place where we could be together for *****.
Only if we could defy scientific rules for once.
Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
Isn’t it incredible?
How i fall in love
With a different thing
Every day.
Yesterday, it was your laugh.
Today, it is your memory.
And tomorrow maybe,
Just maybe,
It would be our communion;
Beyond the shackles of worldly ordeal.
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