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Jasmine Reid May 14
I feel your eyes on me when I know the desire is raging,
the lust burning across your skin, and the sharpness of your nails scratching my flesh under your hands.
Don’t be shy

If you can love me in my sweats, and baggy clothing, or my short dresses that show off my legs that you like so much.

We’ll get there, but not yet. wait for me please. I can make you beg.
I can feel you shivering, I can hear you moaning

Yes, roll your eyes back like that,
that's it, grip my wrists, claw my arm, good boy
throw your head back, hide your face against my neck
hold on
not just yet

Beg me to let you beg me to let your body scream.
cool cool.
Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
Our eyes entwined together,
Whilst my fingers appreciate her curves.
With each touch runs a ripple,
Down her spine and beyond.
Her fingers swirl around in my hair,
Complementing them,
For the maze they are.
My existence buried in hers,
Striving to keep its identity,
Craving the honey dripping down her ***.
Her existence drowning in mine,
Like its hit by a thousand tsunamis,
All at once.
She tries her best to keep it all down,
Hide the obvious tell-tales of glee,
Her burning cheeks and scarlet smile,
Her twinkling eyes and dry lips,
But her sporadic breaths are telling the tales.
Revealing the secrets of the ecstatic sin.
Bluedyedroses May 2015
"You like that?"
I breathe into his ear
He moans in ecstasy,
has nothing to fear
The pleasure's all mine sir
For I can ****** you, make you forget her
It's the way I move you, touch you, feel you, it can't be described
It's something you don't want to lose,
If you did you would die
Not in truth just a little inside
You would crave it, want it, need it
And it always feels right
You don't need gin, whisky, ***** or ***
Just let me push you to the bed
And pleasure you to kingdom come

— The End —