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Cezar Ybanez Jr Dec 2018
YOU need to be validated.

now, I know that "you love yourself" and all that crap.
Maybe too much, actually, that you feel like you don't need anybody else.

But isn't it nice to have someone commend you on how you try make yourself better?
I think it's nice to know that people could notice the way you radiate with light.

That same light that you've worked so hard to conjure up through the chaos. your chaos.

Don't you see? YOU are beaming, my love, and the whole world is blinded by you. Can you expect us to shut up?
Validations, we need it, don't shy away from it!
When I look at you
and your hundred photographs
with some smiles saying cheese
while you are busy making some material memories.

You tend a click a shooting star
or perhaps a new born flower.
You capture the reindeer
and get a video of a someone drinking beer.
Those likes that please
and the validations that they give.
Is it really what matters ?

Would you still click the riviera
instead of lying on the grass ?
or would you take a moment to breath
or post just another smiley ?
Its a never ending cycle.

Communication through light
and distantly distant on the inside
You still don't bother
and still request more friendships.

Do you still long for those hugs and
that little chemistry.
Do you still wish to hold hands
or the ups in your heartbeats.

I still wait for a whisper,
telling me that you love me.
I wish to wake up besides you
and not for a beep.
But there’s you
and your Fake Dopamine.
What is happiness? What are we running for? What are we running away from?
Yawnoc Jun 2017
Here I am waiting for your approval,
waiting to be validated like a freshly opened candle expecting to be lit for the first time,
Your thoughts are well prepared for the Exodus of my fingertips,
We're you expecting me ?
Because your fruit looked so tasty as I walked by,
that's why I took a piece,
But you still haven't seen my face though,
all you've witnessed
is a sample of this thing that makes my body move before it leaves my body,

— The End —