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Monika Feb 2019
A disjointed mind can write
Disjointed poems at best.
I now write again because
Because finally my feelings
Are at unrest

I'm back once again
To being lured
Being lured to linger
Linger upon failed affection
What wrong had occured

A foolish habit
Since my spark of the first
A nuance in motion
Motion unconscious
Knee-**** reaction of the worst

If it weren't for that
Both feelings hurt quite badly
Quickly it will mend
Mend that it won't spiral
Into subtle agony. But sadly

Monika Dec 2018
I will not turn back,
for the past I had is full of regrets.

I will not turn back,
for the´╗┐ path I now take is of my choice.

I still will not turn back,
for the future holds the reward I deserve.
Monika Nov 2018
Roses are red
Marijuana is dank
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Monika Oct 2018
Thicc thighs are a ******* curse.
Makes every bed a ******* hearse.
Thicc thighs are a ******* bane.
Every mile walk's a ******* pain.

Thicc thighs aren't so ******* well.
Sitting properly; ******* hell.
So unbestowed, be ******* blessed;
thine com-*******-fortably rest.
Thicc thighs burden heavy
Monika Oct 2018
This day, I made an oath to the sky,
that ever lasts as time passes by.
A promise of love somewhat too sheer,
but full of hope, I've left all my fear.

For in morn's sun, her smile's so bright,
like her dark sparkled gown in the night.
In the days of clear, she melts my pain.
Or my sorrows washed with tears of rain.

I swear of a love so deep to her,
that my name, my self sooner weather.
To reward her grace, I am to give,
love beyond this life I have to live.
Monika Sep 2018
Bleakest drape inescapence.
Impertinent involuscence.
Stemming from a copulent.
Incongruent malocculent.

Plead among no relent.
Populate incompetent.
Unvaried fraudulence.
Clarity accomplishments.

In foggy eyes, the view reset.
Across the smoke, a sober fret.
A mind that rose from utter death.
Again to draw, refreshing breath.
Monika Feb 2018

there was once someone
someone who once made everything
but now can make nothing much
than what he made

there was once someone
someone who once knew everything
but now knows nothing much
than what he knows

there was once someone
someone who once sees everything
but now sees nothing much
than what he sees


there is this cycle
a cycle of everything making the maker
a cycle of everything knowing the knower
a cycle of everything seeing the seer

there is this cycle
a cycle of the maker making everyhing
a cycle of the knowing everything
a cycle of the seer seeing everything


there will come a time
the maker will make
the knower will know
the seer will see

as once more

will be
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