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Jan 2019
I drove it in with hard solid passion
her whole body shuddered and I felt her thighs
parting further, yet my hot sword again heaved internally
and filled out more in that velvet tunnel, making it even tighter

she moaned, oh she moaned and wrapped folded arms
round my shoulders firmly pulling me even closer.
I paused to savour my girth throbbing in wet hot tight jelly
a million nerves ending tingling to tingles from sugar walls
a warmth like no other enveloped our bodies rising to our brains
my length was hitting a yielding ending making her scream more

lifting my hip I started firing ions and sweet sensations
as she lifted her firm solid hips to meet my thrusts
a fire dance of immortals, a duo speak of raw energy
slickly intermingling in a fire pit of molten hot candy
she moaned and groaned, simpered, howled and groaned
and our bodies grind and booped, and again and again

taken over by a compulsion to push and pull and seek deeper
she drew me in and I lengthened with every push and trust
I reached soft ends only to push further and find a little
more yield and a sweet velvet glove is polishing my sword
while hot whispers fling out endearments, or moans quietly

my tiger, wild untamed, claimed my body and growled
loudly, bearing his teeth as sweat ran down my forehead
I was in my stride, the rhythm was in motion in the ocean
my fevered brain told me, make this a long ride
give it to her like she's never had it before.
I can go on for as long as it takes, I answered back

I bent my head and my full lips found a ******
I need a drink from that full circling soft balloon
she raised her face and slipped warm tongue in my mouth
her hand behind my neck held me firmly locked in sweet kisses
her hips moved in unison with mine and slippery sounds played
I was lost in ecstasy, my sword throbbed in full beaming glory

Suddenly her hip became stronger than mine
she slammed into mine and started screaming
she moved with faster tempo and i felt a pulsating grip below
that started attacking my hard sword, squeezing, pulling
I had to change gears, I drove even deeper, she was flaying
and threshing, her thighs trapping my thighs tightly
Oh..oh...its multiple she hissed wildly, come with me
come with me...oh..come together with me

My hips rose higher, and then higher some more.
your command is my wish.... sweet lady, I whispered
I put the engine in gear five, revved the pistons
and slammed on the tottle, I was motoring in Monaco now
I heard a banshee screaming somewhere. I heard myself howling
while the sweetest fire started scorching my sword
and sipped out a torrent of high octane molten hot honey
our naked bodies clashed, medged, disengage and reconnected
in an exotic freestyle wrestle, yet below we were glued in sync
a blast, the big bang with stars and glitters and a vice like grip
it seemed to last forever and I swear I heard celestial choirs then I slowly descended from cloud nine and then the rolling slowed down.

I hope this is just a pitstop my brain hissed at me, I am ready
to go again, please note, brain added.

Please let my lovely lady at least recover a little, I chided brain.

She clung on to me, we were drenched in sweat
she was shaking, shuddering and trembling all in one
then tears fell from her eyes mingling with sweat on her face
her cheeks were flushed, she glowed red. tousled hair fanned
her face in wet strands, she looked ever so beautiful

She gazed into my eyes, stroking my wet cheeks
she was still panting as I was too
You are amazing ...she said, I do love you so much, she added..her hazel eyes sparkling,..... You are simply the best!

Resting a palm on her full soft right breast, I blew her a kiss.

You are beautiful and you make me amazing.... I replied.
I love you too, my darling.........
Sweet memories, why all should be done to isolate this animal........
Our women are not safe when this monster is let loose.....hahaha
To the good times!!
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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