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Celestite Feb 18
Dear Great Grandma,
Thank you. Thank you for the loud 4 o'clock steeler games, and the snacks that followed them. Thank you for the Saris' ice cream dates that included and eruption of chocolate sprinkles
Celestite Feb 18
in every romance i fall into blindly
there’s always a curious tie
invisible but inevitable
and this one has been yanking my pinkie since December
and every time we encounter one another, i can feel the gentle nudge from angels above and the kind whisper from the summer breeze
but your pinkie is being tugged by another
she holds your heart, and you hold hers
and it doesn’t look like you’ll be letting go anytime soon.
but when the day comes when your tie gives out and hearts shatter across the cream stained marble floor,
i’ll be here
waiting patiently
for you
Celestite Feb 18
Like the flower that sprouts in April
And buds in early May
To rise up to the golden sun
And bloom on a bright June day
I rose up to your golden light
in search for something more
yet all I found was nothing, even down to your core
Your empty promises wilted me
Like a flame to a burning match
Still I grapsed on for the life of me
when you hardly stayed attached
So as fall came around the corner
my leaves had blown estray
even as a small seed I still waited
to see if you'd be back the next day
but soon enough it got colder
and clouds blocked your radiant light
so as I fell dormant, in powdered snow
I watched you trail out of sight.
As March soon came into view, the ice melted into rain
the soil blessed me with new roots
My petals felt new, though they were the same
Letting go brought pain in the moment
and there's no way of knowing when,
You too will have your spring
and you too will start again.
Just a stretched poem about falling for someone way out of your league, hope you enjoy!!- ** Celestite
Celestite Dec 2019
I am not hot
Hot is a bowl of soup or a fresh cup of coffee
I am not hot
If you touch me will I burn you?
You’d think an English major would have wider vocabulary
Hot is not romantic hot is merely a weather forecast
For this forecast is expecting thunder if you call me hot again
But hot is what you settle for
Hot is what you say
Is hot supposed to make me swoon
In some romantic way?
Hot will sexualize and demise my self worth
Because hot is not me
It will label my beautiful with a 50% off sticker
And it will place me on a pedestal and shine spotlights on my bare body
Yelling slurs from below me and taunting my every move
Hot is not hot
I am not hot
Celestite Nov 2019
The cool brisk air whips across my skin,
the dark salted waves are soon breathed in,
inhaling and impaling what now lies grim,
the solem ocean blue.

It chills my spine, as it's escape unwinds,
losing track of time and sight,
My eyes go silver, my hair goes gray,
I die with infernal night.

No ships are looking for my remains,
Neptune plays such tortuous games,
I'm lost at sea and full of pain,
You solem ocean blue.

I am the rumors you've heard,
the whispers in the wind,
the dark of an old folklore,
the crazy that lies within.

For I am the dead of cool night,
a starless sky without light,
you shalln't put up a fight, for this very night
You'll join me in the solem ocean blue.
Celestite Oct 2019
Your lips are made of sugar, your sweet voice melts my heart
You stitch my wounds with candy floss, when I start to fall apart
patch my cuts with gumdrops, and dry every tear
bite off all the bitter, and kiss away the fear
It's nice to have a candyman but what I really want to know
is when the sweetness rots away will a sour side start to grow?
will this start to bore you? will my face become a dull sight?
will you leave my texts on read after pointless fights?
will you sell your sweets to another, and leave me blind?
because every sweet soul, has a bitter mind
Celestite Sep 2019
I try to keep it all together
But everyone is dependeding on me
Everything depends on my sucess or my kindess
I can't do this I can't breathe this air, or look at myself in the mirror when I hate who I see
when I know that I can never stop being the girl that everyone hates
the girl that everyone talks about behind her back
the girl that everyone glares at and stares at
this girl who is selfish and stupid and insolent
this cruel, harsh, greedy persona is now permanent
shes lost in her ******* mind because the world is just as bad
she wants to ******* die, to sleep and cry
to let go of her sanity and just fall, fall, fall down into deaths arms
because my sickness just makes everyone's life harder and less liveable
I just wish I wasn't born as "me"
I wish some other unlucky soul had the burden of being this skin slashing human
But it fell upon me
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