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I am like alexander the great and you are India...
I end with you...
Words apart words depart words describe this or that,
Words prescribed thoughts inscribed in my nurture,
Words sublime words of charm giving I alas a start,
A step towards knowledge a leap of faith,
Fulfilling the gap between time and space,
Words destruct words destroy I employ,
Words of mistrust words of ill fate,
Words that have broken my heart of late,
Sounds my heart finds hard to contemplate,
Musical notes that don’t make up a song,
Words swallowed in the midst of a hearing,
Justice without judgment jury without the accused,
Words apart words depart words describe this or that.
Who are we to question Gods will Job desires to know,
Who are we to question Gods desire I ask,
For he created the heavens and the earth,
What he desires comes to be without effort,
What is his will is done without doubt,
Why then do we bother to ask any questions?
Do we not know how great he is and how mighty,
He is the maker of the clouds and the heavens and beyond,
He is not the one we perceive with our humanly thoughts,
He is beyond what our eyes see beyond what our thoughts can fathom,
He comes and goes as he pleases our pain and suffering he eases,
Filled with a profound love for us is he, who created us,
But who are we to question his will the God of Israel,
For him neither favors nor rebukes anyone but he is just,
He judges us according to our deeds and our hearts,
When we sin from our lives he departs,
That’s when darkness and all sorts of trouble start,
Who are we to question the task before us?
Our place is to do as we are told the truth of his word our guide,
When we suffer our faith in him is restored for we become helpless,
Like a child who looks upon his father for protection,
We call on him and he answers and sometimes he hides his face,
Only to see if we will put our trust in others than in him,
Only to test our hearts and see what we desire most,
Who are we to question Gods will who are we to dare ask,
who are we really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I met you the other day I meant for you to stay,
Many words for you I had to say in many words Id pray,
Pray that you would know the way Jesus loved you my friend,
My brother gone in a second lost in a weekend,
Drunk and dazed you came to me,
Friends was a shame that this is the way it had to end,
Was I the one to blame for the loss I suffered?
Forget I could not to speak and mention your name,
Humbled and hustled by the world’s ways you were,
Stories I could hear near and from a far,
That this was the way you were gangster by face,
But looks are deceiving out of the land of the living,
Gone like the swift winds that blow in the evening,
When we last met we spoke so many things,
Living the old way of life the life of sin was amongst the things we spoke,
To bring you unto Gods kingdom was the thing I hoped for,
But before I could do it you went away refused to stay,
What am I to say what am I going to do?
For you I pray your family in dismay and disbelief,
Goodbye you never said goodbye you never stayed,
Betrayed and killed by a friend,
Indeed this world is certainly coming to an end,
for my friend and brother George A.K.A G   R.I.P we will miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vanity and chasing the wind Suleiman says/
Indeed it is all a cause of no value to mankind/
Sometimes I say to myself be this or that worth anything?
If I cannot know the outcome of all my toil is it worth it?
Inspired by accomplishments made by the great names/
Dust they were dust they have returned to, a shame/
Meaningless their lives meaningless their fame/
A chasing of the wind indeed just a chasing/
Like dust blown into the skies our souls rise/
Like a stone thrown in Newtonian age our bodies fall/
Tasteless is all that was sweet senseless is all that made sense/
For what is common sense it is a repetition of the ordinary/
Accustomed to repetition and circular movement is our world/
Roundabouts everywhere that lead to the same destination/
New is nothing old is everything that is new/
Those who know now knew then and won’t know again/
A chasing of the wind a curse of mankind/
Hurry for the time doesn’t wait for the faint hearts/
Running before we learn to walk that’s what we wanted/
But we were chased and caught for the sign read WANTED/
Wanted did we to know the unknown hidden with good reason/
It was the time the season for ripening of the fruit/
It was the reason we gave up our God given gift/
Our curiosity and pride overcame our sight/
On the day we lost our divine right/
And the day was bright suddenly lost its light/
A chasing of the wind in darkness blind was the start/
Vanity and chasing the wind Suleiman says/
Vanity it is to this day it stays/
Meaningless indeed meaningless it stays/
Saturday it was the day he said hot ***/
Though it seemed away and not within reach or thought/
Hot *** was what was brought forth/
Tightened up enough to keep things hot and buzzing/
Saturday it was a day before we got *******/
Before there was no turning back to the old ways/
Looking here and there back in those days/
Time was moving fast at times not moving at all/
Patience wore out fast perseverance would not last/
Saturday it was the day he said hot ***/
Cars trumpets drums and what not/
Ensured that on Sunday he would be prepared/
Ready to face the relation that few choose to dare/
Even when they do they seldom last a year/
Today as the world leaves in fear/
Fear of commitment to the ones we love/
The we would give everything for/
The ones we knew and know now the ones we adore/
The friends we need not call in times of want/
For they know what we are they are engraved in our hearts/
The ones we would say I do in front of a crowd/
Those of whom we are proud of from the start/
Saturday the day when he said hot ***/
It was hot the food was hot she was hot/
Saturday the day when he said hot ***/
hot ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had to give it all I had to leave it all/
Leave it all before I fall/
The things I loved and cherished were stole/
I had to leave it all as the story unfolds/
Created for a purpose a goal so I thought/
Mistakes mistook it was not my fault/
A lesson in living a lesson was taught/
Leave it all was the message/
Take the straight and narrow path/
For no human can escape the creators wrath/
Witnessed it was so in the days of past/
Witnessed it will be in the days now last/
Leave it all was there anything to gain/
Run to me and I shall ease your pain/
Follow me and I will carry your burden/
Trust me and your night will be daylight in a sudden/
For I have the power to give to the barren/
In the right hour I rose from the abyss of death/
Leave it all come to me and I will give life’s true breath,
For I am the one who created the heavens and earth/
Leave it all and I shall give you rest/
Leave it all for I am here to quench your thirst/
Leave it all was the message leave it all was what I did/
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