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Aiden Williams Feb 2014
Hot/Cold, Part 2

Hot endings, cold starts.
Hot feelings, cold marks.
Hot temper with a cold reaction.
Hot double barrel with cold pump action.
Hot church with a cold congregation.
Hot merch with cold affiliations.
Hot meat, cold wine.
Hot dollar, cold dime.
Hot queens with their cold mink.
Hot kings with their cold links.
Hot art with cold reception.
Hot mirror and a cold reflection.
Hot woman with a cold reputation.
Hot main chick with a cold side on placement.
Hot funk and cold R&B.;
Hot world but the colds all I see.
Hot information, cold intelligence.
Hot faults, then cold recompense.
Hot forgiveness, cold mistakes.
Regardless of what the world intakes.
Hot ignorance and cold oblivion,
are bliss to those who favour dominion.
Hot pathogens and cold diseases.
Hot gold with the cold diamond pieces.
Hot gat within a cold Gucci belt.
Hot knife inside the skin it starts to melt.
Hot love for God and the cold religion.
Hot pain after a cold circumcision.
Hot skin, cold whip.
Hot hands, cold grip.
Hot city, cold ghetto.
Hot calls, but no memo.
Hot rapper with no demo.
Hot baller with no c-notes.
Hot thoughts, cold emotions.
Hot theories and cold notions.
Hot models with their cold body motions.
Hot love before the warm heart ceases.
Hot hatred 'fore the cold heart seizes.
Aiden Williams Feb 2014
Because it’s my birthday I thought I’d release something I was keeping for myself. Enjoy.

On this red planet,
Alone I stand in the vastness
of this scenery in purgatory.
Alone I stand long,
alone I stand king
of this terrain.
With this, something like a kiss,
the way its skin caresses my toes
as they work its way through
the pink sand;
With this I have reached my peak.
I have reached transcendence.
There are no more epiphanies to be had --
I have reached my goal.
Come to terms with my purpose on Earth,
I have sampled ulterior extracts,
while my earthly self does what it does best.
Still the 'Q' I question existences trifles.
Straying from the path crafted by man's willingness to obey.
Now the 'X' I exploit the fact
time is no longer a burden.
Freedom, like raw diamonds
flows through my fingers,
sweat falls upwards and side to side,
and gravity is now an illusion of memory.
This Roman god of war,
bends freely to my will...
Shifting, moulding and grafting into more
than the Earth could ever behold.
This place is not to share,
not this everlasting pink beach with no ocean,
this is mine
and mine alone –
Aiden Williams Feb 2014
Hot skin and cold tears.
Hot love and cold fears.
Hot sun and cold moon.
Hot life and a cold tomb.
Hot feet on cold streets.
Hot bars on cold beats.
Hot thoughts and cold actions.
Hot *** and cold satisfaction.
Hot cars in cold weather.
Hot women with cold style.
Hot ice and cold fire.
Hot mornings and cold afternoons.
Hot fantasy and cold reality.
Hot payments and cold luxury.
Hot pain and cold rain.
Hot anger, cold peace.
Aiden Williams Feb 2014
You'd think that
Keeping such an elegant creature,
A dangerous and revered mammal
Such as the tiger
As what many would call a pet,
But she is so much more than
She is the embodiment
of finely crafted
Curiosity is the
Driving force behind
Watching my tiger sleep,
pondering what she dreams
does she imagine herself in
Love with me?
Her a woman?
Or me a tiger?
Does she dream of
tearing me apart and
imagine my body
a ****** canvas?
Jungle art.
Lo what
Resides behind this fierce
Black and her
Electric orange
I shall
Aiden Williams Jan 2014
I’ve been relieved of my position.
I am no longer captain of this ship,
Reduced to the bard, I am
A shadow in the background.

A chime lost in the wind
of this great Japanese mountain.
Where grand bells ring across
its face, a Titan in the wind –
And echo…

Echo until my sounds have been
Rung out and there is nothing
Left until someone looks upon
My cracked and rusted
Exterior and whispers –
“Look, the chime that was forgotten”
Until time itself is rotting,
And I fall from grace,
To the vast corners of space.
Aiden Williams Jan 2014
Disappointment & anger
Cloud my emotions.
They've been played with,
Toyed with like
A ball of
In a one sided war with a cat.
Feelings of contempt
Are forged in iron upon
My eyes.
No secret
Hidden from the
Furnaces of dragon breath
Burn against my forehead
Cloud my vision
Of sense.
Aiden Williams Jan 2014
Let me,
Take you on a ride
Through ecstasy
to the
Plains of pink crush
A lush caress
Of perfect peace
While I place sweet pressure
On legs that never cease
And I proceed to fill your cup
Each and every measure.
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