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Hey, I was bored so I decided to crank out a poem
I have a daughter, forget her age
She lives in Mali, makes minimum wage
I'm on a pilgrimage, to Mecca I will go
5,000 miles, how long I don't know

They say I'm crazy but I frankly don't care
For my Allah, I would go anywhere
Trip's been good to me so far...

I saw a mountain, a big falling rock
I lost my leg so now I don't walk
I have a camel, ride on the ****
Its fur coat smells like it came from the dump

We're making progress, my friends they can't wait
My wife's still mad that I came to lunch late
So I got her a mansion, gold nuggets on the wall
But knowing her, she'll just sell it all

I hope I'm saved after all I've been through
When I get home, oh what will my wife do?
Trip's been good to me so far...

I'm now in Mecca with my friends at a bar
We'd love to stay just right where we are
We'll have to go but I don't know when we will
It's hard to ride when your arms can't stay still

They say I'm lazy but I'm out on a hajj
For my whole life, I'll wear it like a badge
Trips been good to me so far...
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