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antxthesis Jul 2017
Sometimes life is extremely ironic,
And laughs at us in our faces.

Like -
Going to church does not make you a Christian,
it won't hide the fact that you're a thief, a liar, a *** or gay.
Taking pills, won't suddenly shake you out of the state you're in,
it won't make you sane.
Placing your feelings and thoughts on paper
Does not make you a poet,
It doesn't not make you a writer.
Getting A's does not make you smart,
Neither do D's make you an idiot.
Clenching your fists and trying to fight back tears,
Won't take away the hurt,
It won't take away the pain,
It won't make you less of a crybaby
Because sometimes you're shattered,
And those tears
Come falling like a waterfall,
And nothing you do can stop it.

What's more sad is,
Having a significant other,
Whose smile is like the sun,
Whose eyes reminds you of coffee,
Whose lips taste feels like stroking icecream with
your tongue,
Except it's not cold,
And whose touch is like no other
Doesn't not cure your depression.
No matter how much sunlight they give off,
The sun always goes down,
It always makes way for the dark.
No matter how their eyes remind you of
something you love,
Sometimes you get lost in them,
And all you see is the reflection of someone you
sometimes detest.
No matter how much their lips feels smooth like
ice cream,
Sometimes mouths get tired, and all that reminds
you of are those that have gotten tired of you all
your life.
No matter how much their touch magic,
Sometimes you're reminded of
All the bad touches you've received in
your life.

You're my sun,
But I've always been dark,
You're the sun,
But sometimes all you can manage to do
Is dry up my rains.

No amount of sun can dry up my oceans,
to stop me drowning in the oceans of sadness inside of me.


h.s. // 4:24am // 9/7/17 // some days the sun stops shining, some days the sun isn't enough
antxthesis Nov 2016
it's been almost a month
and three weeks since you've left me,
and almost a month and
two weeks since you've gotten with her
and *******,
I've been waiting for you to take me back,
but you don't.

and trust me when I say
I truly am happy for you,
I am,
and I truly do think that she's better for you,
and I have no problem with you speaking of her,
but I can't help but feel a sink in my chest
when you pause our conversation
to read a text from her.
I can't help but feel a little shatter in my chest
as you form that ever so enchanting smile
on your face,
and I can't help but push back the tears in my eyes,
when I see your fingers sprint around the letters on your phone
as you respond ever so intently,
and I can't help but think,
"that probably used to me."

but I smile.

I feel so much, yet I smile and think
"it's okay," because you're supposed to be happy
for the person you love right? So I smile.

but I'm sad, and I shatter a little every day
because she's perfect and I'm not.

I'm a little too hard to handle,
a little too hard to understand,
a little too complicated
but I she's not.

and I cry and depend on razors
a little bit too much,
but she prays and depends on her bible.

and I'm a little too contradictory
and a little too confused,
but she's not.

and so, she's better for you, and not me.

and so I smile.

I smiled when you forgot our lunch session
because you were too busy spending it with her.

I smiled when you forgot to check up on me,
because you probably were too busy
checking up on her.

and I'll always smile
but I'll always shatter inside because
I love you, but you'll always be too busy
loving her.
If i told you i needed help
would you listen?
Or would your silence
Echo off the walls.
See my life is like a car,
Sometimes moving fast
And other times so **** slow.
If i told you i feel hurt inside
would you not just hear
but listen
to what i said
I need someone to care.
Im tired of trying to fight alone.
Im tired of trying to survive at a table for one.
If i told you
I cry all over my body
And each tear is a knife
And they are leaving scars on my flesh,
Would you cut me a bandage,
Sop up my blood,
Or leave me to bleed out.
If i told you
I was alone and my demons are taunting me
would you get me out
Or would you keep walking
or keep scrolling...
Im not begging for attention,
But one cannot be expected to be alone and silent like a life long detention.
If i told you
I was ready to confess everything
Come clean from my secrets,
Strip myself naked so you could see my imperfections
would you care even the slightest bit
Or are you so selfish
And so ignorant
To walk on
And leave this person to die.
If i told you i was ready to die
would you blame it in cliche,
Or believe it and save me from damnation

Its time to think.
It could be up to you
This isnt just my world,
Its yours, too
and dont you want to be
To someone?
I need you.
Because all of these "if i told you's
Are becoming
**im telling you
Help people. Dont leave them alone. Provide help. Depression is very real, and it is all around us. Repost if this means something to YOU
antxthesis Apr 2016
Today feels a little bit off,
a little bit off than yesterday,
and a little bit off than the day before

If only I could replay January,
as often as I replay Lukas Graham's "What happened to perfect".
If only I could skip to the parts where you were
always here
And erase the parts where you weren't.

If only I could scream "CUT" at the scenes where you start to make my skin itch,
And my temper bomb tick,
like this sheet I'm lying on.

But it feels like we're on different sides of the globe,
And I'm always here but you never want to stay,
you never want to come home.

I wish I could fast foward to the parts where things are okay again,
Where I'm sitting next to you, and you're smiling
and I'm looking at you
Telling you how beautiful you are.
And then I could say:
"This is perfect
Let's pause here."

But we're not starring in a movie,
this is not a song, and
we're not characters in a play
This is real life,
And sadly it is always on play.
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  Mar 2016 antxthesis
Sally A Bayan
Every death
I have felt, or known,
In silence, i mourn,
Within my breath...

No words come upfront
Just thoughts, preponderant...

I'd feel the freezing cold of an empty space
Feel the absence...clearly imagine a lost face
No smiles, spanning from cheek to cheek
Eyes, seek answers...
suddenly, I'm there by the shallow water of the creek
While some nearby creatures quietly chirp...and squeak
While I......... I could not even speak...

Is realizing...and accepting
At the right time, they turn brown, the weeds...and reeds,
But, under the water...waiting, growing...are their seeds
Brown ferns...are almost detached from a mossy concrete wall
With a strong current, and wind, they'd be carried...ready to fall

The driftwood lying by the always wet, but petrified
Brown fallen leaves, on the green more hold...crisp and dried,
The dead bark of a pieces...are crumbling...
Merging with the wet a process of fertilizing
Deep down under ....a fresh spark of life is starting.
All these, remind,
Life and death stand side by side,
That in the midst of death-
Something new is birthed...
When faced with death,
there is always someone's living breath
And, as long as the heart wills to beat
Then, life.....will still exist.

Hundreds, or a thousand times,  
We all have died
In the high and low of life's tides,

We remember
Those who have left
Those who have survived..are still around
We think of those who are next to leave,
Waiting for their chests' final heave

---And then, we think of ourselves---

Worry not of our own time
Make each of our remaining days
Be golden, beaming, and bright
With good deeds, and straight pathways

The earth is a moving circle
It makes a it spins
We try to live outwards....and then, within
Any way we live is an endless cycle.


Copyright March 23, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
antxthesis Feb 2016
You damaged my heart slightly that night,
little pokes here and there,
And my blood is calling out to me,
wanting to be released.
And my razors are sitting smiling at me,
because they know my demise and
they love towhat they're seeing.

but I won't give in, I'm not that weak.

You wrecked my emotions slightly that night,
and it's a emotion crash
in my heart body and mind
"Crime scene" tapes hanging all around
because my happiness was killed
and along with it my laughter died.
And my tears are crashing against the walls of my eyes
because they too know my demise.

but I won't give in, I will not cry.

You took my sleep slightly that night,
staring in the dark,
creating my own sky
It's beautiful and so was I.
And my insecurities are awake
they're by my side
trying to hold my hand
and mock me tonight.

but I won't give in, tonight I'll smile
even if it's fake, I will smile.
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