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Tommy Randell Nov 2014
A Sea-horse embryo
250 gms Salmon Trout scales
2 doz. assorted Lizard tail-tips
1 Bottlenose Dolphin eye-socket (empty)
The ****** organs of a female Atlantic Grey Seal
Dried, trimmed frond-tips of Strawberry Beadlet Anemones
A Complete Lesser Sand Eel
15 cm Curled Octopus tentacle
3 Gribble in a 10 cm groyne section
3 Rabbit tongues (in aspic)
1 ear of Marram Grass (in Lindesfarne Mead)
35 sq. cm Basking Shark hide, 7x5
A Merlin's upper mandible and crown
Severed nail and cuticle of Collector's left thumb.
Olivia Daniels May 2018
I can’t get my brain
To shut the hell up.

I don’t want to talk right now. please leave me alone. it isn’t you i
  promise, it’s me and
N othing can stop me from thinking that it’s my fault and
  everything is my fault. why are things this way and why did i
  lose you and my friends? i can’t help but think and
F eel depressed because i love you. i don’t want to lose you but i
  have and i’m not happy, i’m almost never happy anymore. or
  maybe i never was. emotions exhaust me but they’re all i know. i
  don’t usually get angry but when i do i go off and
J ust shut up! you’re wrong, i’m right. why can’t you see that? i
  need structure, it’s how i function and you are so incredibly
  unpredictable which excites me, even if no one knows, because
  that’s risky and i like new adventures but i need stability which
  my life, my existence, can’t provide

because i’m too complicated to make sense,
My life is contradictory
I took the MBTI test and got INFJ which help me understand so much more about myself then I ever have before. I highly recommend it to everyone, as long as you answer honestly, it's good to help you understand yourself
Onoma Jun 2
yesterday, as it is only

relative to today but once--

i watched a dead eel wind

and unwind with the tide.

its decayed head was caught

on a rock, adhering to continuously

loosened curls whipped about.

given its naturally fluid anatomy

it seemed to animate death...a

sinuous stream of adamant flesh


left to the water it lived out its will

within, now subject to its will.
KCibot Jul 10

Verse 1:

A gun's pressed up
Against my head
All the time
In my mind

I see a sea
Of violet red
All the time
In my mind

I feel
A pain
That Ne
Ver fades

I hear
A scream
And then
I see


A million ways
That I could die
I feel them all

I hope that
They will come
Come and
Take me

A million ways
That I could die
I see them
In my

I pray that
They will come
Come and
Save me

Verse 2:

The executioner
Takes my hand
And leads me to
My final stand

He asks me for
My last remarks
But I have none
Just hit your mark

Cause I feel
A pain
That ne
Ver fades

I hear
A scream
And then
I see


Verse 3:

No I don't want
An easy death
I want to taste
My final breath

I want to feel
The sweet relief
That only death
Can bring to me

I wanna feel my
Final breath
I wanna sha ake
The hand of death

I wanna fe eel the
Sweet relief
Tha at

Deb Jones Oct 2017
I carried you for almost 7 months.
A small person in
My small 14 year old body.  
I loved you with passion and fire.
I would whisper songs to you
Because I was not allowed to sing.
I would hold pillows as practice.  
To holding you.
I would read to you in a whisper
Because he was illiterate.
And was jealous I knew how to read.  
I lost you in a bathtub.  
It was the place I crawled to when
I saw the blood.
We didn't have a phone
I couldn't call anyone.
I screamed for my mother
As I clawed at the porcelain.  
I screamed to God
As I clawed at my swollen stomach.
The blood flowed.
I watched it pool at the drain.  
Light at first, watery
Growing darker by the minute
Then begin to flow heavier.
The pressure to push was immense.
I wasn't even knowledgeable enough
To know my ******* would be in the way.
Until I felt your head inside them
I tore them off.  
And you slipped out
Like a little eel.
You were perfect.
I held you and threw my head back
And screamed at the spotted
Rain damaged ceiling.
When I delivered the placenta
I thought my insides were falling out.
I knew before you even came into the
World that you would never see it.
You had stopped moving 5 hours before.
My little girl child.
Who was killed.  
Stomped out of me by her
Own 19 year old father.
Because I refused to iron a shirt for him
To go out on a "Date"
He came home the next morning.
Still high.
I had wrapped you in one of the two
Baby blankets I had.
After I washed both of us in the tub.
Where I marveled at the beauty of you.
All of your tiny fingers.
All of your tiny toes.
The way your legs were a froggy pose.
The roundness of your tummy.
The softness of your palm
Which is where I whispered
I love you over and over again.
I sobbed how sorry I was
Over and over again too.
As I cradled you naked
In my arms.
In that old bathtub
I begged him to bury you.
He refused and left for work.
Ran really. He ran out the door.  
I didn't know it was ******,
I didn't know it was illegal.
So I buried you like I would
A beloved pet.
In my favorite purse.
With you in a diaper
Swaddled tightly in that baby blanket.
Under a tall palm tree.  
Away from the scorched side
That I had burned the month before.
I only had boys after you.
I think you would have
(Loved life) Loved them.
You are only 10 months older
Than your oldest brother.
I still have your baby book
All the notes I wrote for you.
I stopped writing in that book
The day before I had you.
There are no words to say
Nothing that could've been writ
That I haven't said a million times
In my mind and heart daily.
Mine were the only arms that ever held you
Mine were the only eyes that seen you
I will carry you with me every day of my life

I hate ceramic Cherubs.
They remind me too much of you.
You never had a chance to live.
You didn't have a proper death
Beneath the rain stained ceiling
In that ramshackle shack.

I have lost 2 babies. One was stomped out of me at 7 months. One that I miscarried.  

I personally would not have an abortion but I feel that every woman has the right to choose. I will never judge.

I have seen too many women have spontaneous abortions. One memorable one is a 13 year old who delivered a baby at approximately 20 weeks. I intubated and used a resuscitation bag between her legs because the baby was only half delivered. The umbilical cord was wrapped around the child's waist. She didn't survive.

The fetus starts developing the heart, spinal cord, kidneys etc... at about 5 weeks, at 6 weeks the heart starts beating, the baby can have hiccups, **** on their hand and grow fingernails.

I feel very sad that some women don't carry to term. I have had a lot of patients with Down syndrome. They are filled with happy love. And give the most loving hugs. But most also need lifetime care. (Unless extremely high functioning) who will love and protect them after the mother is gone? These are valid thoughts we women have. Not just about the wellbeing of the young baby but the adult child.

I have also supported women who via ultrasounds/sonography find that the baby has Anencephaly. This is not such a rare thing as people think. No brain or the skull is open. The prognosis for a baby like that is typically less than a day after they are born. Some women want to carry to term just to hold their baby. Some women choose to abort.

My sister had a Anencephalic baby. She found out at almost 6 months. She was injected with seaweed to widen the ****** and to absorb the moisture in the ******. Basically killing the baby with salt and suffocation. Then the baby was removed in pieces. I did not tell her the details of what was happening to her body. She would have been traumatized more. And honestly? She wouldn't have wanted to know.

I think the majority of women that choose abortions mourn their child. Your body is  forced into thinking it had a baby. And most women go through a period of postpartum feelings including depression.

I worked for years in NICU. A neonatal intensive care. Some babies were born at 1 pound or less. The thing about working with pediatrics, neonate in particular, is that you see some horrific births. Chromosome anomalies that don't survive to even childhood. And the traumatized parents are heartrending.

Sorry for writing a book. I feel passionate about this subject. I will stop here
I was married at 14. A choice my mother made to emancipate me from the courts as a foster child.
Orchid Jun 2
Pity me from the angel's eyes,
Whose teardrops shine in a selfish pry,

Whiskey in a Mug, that earthly feel,
Wrenched from the bone off the Amazon eel,

Led into a hive, Bumblebees roar
Brunettes being left dancing with a hacksaw,

Borne on Broadway, let them scream "Fantastica"
Pictured for suicide, yet only a massacre.
Jason Lingaya Mar 11
Here there little fella

Here there

C– l – o – s – e – r

Down the aisle

Follow the sign


Teases a clock

In the shadows

Be brave hither

Heroic never

Trust your host

To guide you

Through an abyss

Of unprecedented bliss

Jack was a wimp

The Ripper I am

At your service

Hesitating still ugh

Never mind fella

Pray hang on

One moment more

Jolly and bright

The darkest alleys

Are my quarters

The austere grounds

On which I Rip Rip Rip

Gluttony is the name

Of my game

Instead of teeth

Dear Lord

Mine are grim lethal

Razor sharp blades

And my throat

A gruesome One-Way ticket

No wonder my stomach

Knows no rest

At your service

The Ripper I am

The infamous

Snowflake Moray Eel.
Childhood fishing memories from Poste-Lafayette, Mauritius.
Johannah Jeanty Jan 2018
In the belly of the beast,
We shall feast
On ourselves released
In the eye of the eel,
We see and feel
Schizophrenia revealed

I'm not myself anymore,
Hopeful but ignored,
I'm Joenymous,
I'm Johannah,
But truely not, only if I must.

In the claws of the cruel,
O'er me they rule.
They reject wisdom.
The kingdom come,
I'll try to see.
Being not ourselves,
That's what we must pretend to be.
who gets the last two lines?
You're a mean one
Mr. *****
You really are an eel
You're as affable as cancer
And your laughter doesn't stick
Mr *****
You're a two bit phony
One trick pony with...
Little to no *** appeal!

You're a shyster
Mr. *****
Your mark's a hallow roll
Your game is pulling wires
Framing "liars" is your goal
Mr *****
You have all the elusive fleeting of a
twice repeating
CEO board meeting!

You're a sly one
Mr. *****
You have silver on your teeth
You have all the slender slickness
Characteristics of deceit
Mr *****

Given the choice between you and cancer it may take me a while to answer but I think that I would rather take my chances with the....
Always wanted to do this one. I do not own any of the rights to this original work which belongs to Dr. Seuss but you all know that it's meant to be read with that rhyme scheme in mind.

Tina Anit
Marco Ocram
Flora Arolf
Walker Reklaw
Stedman Namdets
Tamara Aramat
Newman Namwen
Newton Notwen
Karen Nerak
Andrew Werdna
Pamela Alemap
Steven Nevets
Marvin Nivram
Truman Namurt
Arlen Nelra
Nella Allen
Clinton Notnilc
Kramer Remark
Benson Nosneb
Boston Notsob
London Nodnol
Lloyd Dyoll
Barney Yenrab
Mason Nosam
Manson Nosnam
Tristen Netsirt
Lester Retsel
Hobart Traboh
Marcus Sucram
Carol Lorac
Sarah Haras
Robert Trebor
Manfred Derfnam
Palmer Remlap
Landis Sidnal
Taylor Rolyat
Morris Sirrom
Munson Nosnum
Stan Nats
Toni Inot
Preston Notserp
Anna Anna
Lana ****
Travis Sivart
Gene Eneg
Edison Noside
Nolan Nalon
Medgar Ragdem
Amazon Nozama
Bertram Martreb
Liam Mail
Colson Nosloc
Debra Arbed
Iran Nari
Erin Nire
Susan Nasus
Kris Sirk
Kirk Krik
Lee Eel
Leroy Yorel
Débria Airbéd
Angela Alegna
Regis Siger
Rodney Yendor
Marlon Nolram
Harlan Nalrah
Landon Nodnal
Benton Notneb
Brenda Adnerb
Lester Retsel
Carson Nosrac
Grayson Nosyarg
Leon Noel
Amber Rebma
Gordon Nodrog
Brendan Nadnerb
Dawson Noswad
Alison Nosila
Marcus Sucram
Melton Notlem
Michael John Jan 9
i could have
done with a
little purpoise..

mostly, i felt
like a dolphin
sniffing mines..

but also not
a whale of a
tried not to carp

eel pie

be off
James Floss Feb 22
A tepid tempest in a teapot.
A puerile pursuit
of personal perspective.
Corporate censorship?
A first amendment attack?

One letter kills a comic?
Or is it an overlord order?

Artist assassination it is.
Artist with his tools powerful
Pen nib and India ink; his
Semi-automatic pistol pen

1st comes before the 2nd.
Mr. Rogers: "Amendment?
Can you say that?

Do you think you can
take that tool from the artist but
keep large capacity clips legal?
Censor artistic license?
It’s a minority report!

Let’s go to the semiotic
Shooting range:

There’s rap.
You know, rap?
What our ******* kids
are ******* listening to?

Bukowski shoots “****” from
His lethal snub nose poems
When he needs
to make a point

David Mamet sprays “*****"
with his literary machine gun
In his plays made into movies
that you have watched.
And enjoyed.

Even Shakespeare got away with:
“You starvelling, you eel-skin, you dried neat’s-tongue, you bull’s-pizzle, you stock-fish–O for breath to utter what is like thee!-you tailor’s-yard, you sheath, you bow-case, you vile standing tuck!”


Trump shoots full fallacies
As a spray of stinging tweets
Disregarding both amendments
While hobbling the press

Different weapon that;
Smoke-screen screams
Tangled web of
Fabricated news skeins

An Internet search showed me that it was a monk that first scribbled the word “****” in the margins of a text on moral conduct as an opinion about an another abbot. In other words, an editorial.

It was the wile and guile of Wylie
to pay homage to
this historical reference.

Let’s remember to keep the amendments in their proper order:
First one then two.

Artists hide messages in
It’s what they do;
we expect that of them—
we don’t want them to
throw away
their shot.

I hope some of this makes sense
to some of you
fans of amendment one.
If not, I guess it was a
Non Sequitur.

(Thank you Wiley Miller for your beautifully drawn and artistically constructed comic strips that had a
Line A (family plot line)
Line B (Noreastern bar humor)
Line C, D, and Etc always
With sly custom commentary.

**** that!
**** Trump!

I said it.
sandra wyllie May 22
this chain-link coat
this mesh of steel
the surrounding moat
I’m an electric eel

Don’t come too close
You’ll get a shock
600 volts
will stop a heart

A heart that’s been
Black as sin
Thick as waste
Sticky as a tube of toothpaste

Wires for veins
Gizzards for brains

If you’re looking for
a contribution
You’ll get it in the form
of electrocution
Ella Jan 4
I love you like autumn in the springtime and February in June
I don't love you
No, love is overused and annoyingly underpowering
Love is not a word
Love is the stupendous urge to show others how much a human could mean to oneself
And, supposed love cannot be put into a word
Love is not a word
The feeling could never fit into small characters that we have devised to satisfy our need of passing on information
Of understanding
Love was never meant to be confined to black ink and paper
Love is not an "emotion" per say
It is a squirming eel that lies just above the stomach, not quite in the heart, that send worms vaulting in your stomach, yelling
Not need, not want, not love
When you met your first love did you ever realise how much they would shape you?
Of course you didn't
Because love surprises you like the pop of breakfast toast because you are late for work again
Because you spent all night thinking up a better word for the writhing feeling that won't leave
(Which, naturally, I have not)
I'm in love with her.

— The End —