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RRaaccoonn Nov 2015
I seldomly think if I looked like the Zeus statue sitting in his emperial chair located in greece . All men and woman desiring me giving one godhead forthso being a god is loved by all
Grabbing his crouch like a man put his hands under his pits. loved by all..,... though Ayawas is child men. If ayaswas is missing zeus body one is lesser grade only bestowing godhead supreme head... Though still loved by all when one has both he is a god.
Some have only ayawas with out zues beauty therefore he is guardian
A god but lesser grade. Both lives are lived godly though zuesless has to sink to thines abyss more more often. Where so highest is pampered. For he is worshipped.
Look there he is
I could look at him all day - Prince Beast
RRaaccoonn Oct 2015
What a fascinating man, Petting himself, sniffing an odd object.
It seems I'm looking at him and He's looking through me.
Delicate rewarded with care.
I must wait, waiting is becoming easier.
Nestled in thine abyss.
RRaaccoonn Oct 2015
Ive learned staying connected to my constant vibrating eel.
Lets go my mind.
I feel it most when completely still holding my breath.
Become more aware of this the more practiced.
RRaaccoonn Sep 2015
Presley sat, completely still, till fancied a sip
grabbing goblet bruskly, swallowing carefully, grunting harmoniously.
Slamming the crystle down on the bar,
loose letting  his arms.
With an empty mind,  listening to  Juke Box.
across the room two men that worked at the diner Presley wished to serve for walked in.
One was a husky beefy leather daddy.
Presley made a a pass at him a bit back.
He made his bar demands handing the barman money.
Presley thought " oh  man what a man" to thinking... " relax....  get loss and let fall  symmetry...
attraction has its paths with everyone.
Presley stayed slouched remembering.
If one you fancy doesn't look your way often he doesn't fancy you.
short story
RRaaccoonn Sep 2015
if you like to go.
climb on top the steed
Will be cantering afar
to a place restart
find a spot sit like a stray
beside the gleaming stream
settle in like monarchs
sitting in thine empirial chairs
RRaaccoonn Sep 2015
Walking down the walk way not looking for anything particular.. ....
RRaaccoonn Jun 2015
This is my friend Pearly ... He hangs out here next to where i sleep. but he doesn't get much sun, so today ... I took him out .. He was quite delighted .. i told him of it ... but he said "only for a bit and nodded ... then he said I'm Pearly the bear I like my sleep " ... ...

The next day Pearly wasnt in his cozy spot. i didnt think much of it till i saw a deep well with a hook. i walk'd up touched the rope .. pricky fuzzies.. Pearly what have you got going on here ? i pulled him up.. " its ***** down there". .. ...... he said "Hunting .. ... . Here you are" ................ then he handed me a bow .. and said "catch me a thick buck i can dig my teeth in"  (His thick arm raised up) ........................... a long pause happened then he said ....... but take its life swiftly. I can't bare the feeling of pain.... then moments later he stopped me ... actually bring me a bed of flower peddles i must return to my lifes work ..

The following morning i came in whistling with a basket of luscious velvet smelling flowers ... finding Pearly sprawled out breathing amost natural way .. quite pleasant listening to breathing man connected to his creature self .. .........Pearly hello pearly good morn ....... .. greetings ....... then he said " I'll have nothing ..... .... then i said no bakey eggies? .. he didnt move . how about a short trip look around? .... . .. no reaction............... how bout a warm bath? .. .... nothing. ..... just him there staring at nothing ........... i could sit there and watch him stare at nothing for hours .. ... i sighed oh well i catch you later .. ..
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