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Petal pie Jan 2017
My home is in a vintage tin
Belonged to your great grandma
With many other varied breeds
Our cousins sorted into jars

I'm often fastened up tight
In British stiff collared fashion
Occasionally burst off
When shirts are ripped open
In the haste of frisky passion

In my other guise
When I am tapped
I connect you worldwide
My neighbour form words and stories
Whilst I encrypt some code for spies.

Machinery, you really need me
To start and then to stop
To raise alarm bells
And when pressed call the cops

I'm a round reminder
Of how life began
Innie or outie and proud
Of how mum's body nurtured your
In utero life-span

Dangerous in the wrong hands
I must be closely guarded
For if you press me
World war three
Could easily be started
Petal pie Jan 2015
Hello fellow poets. Not long out of hospital and I feel really out of practice  with regards to writing. Would love it if anyone wanted to give me a poetic challenge or fancied writing something with me. Purdy please with cherries on top.

Happy new year to you all ***
  Dec 2014 Petal pie
JR Potts
Hands hug a ceramic mug
warm like the touch of a lover.

Lips pressed firmly to the rim
met with a tender caffeine kiss
When you leave, go without a whisper,
as though you were never here. 
Do not leave tear stains on my pillow or kiss my eyes and beg them not to cry.

Dissipate, let the thin air replace you. Leave no echo, no trace of your existence, 
no backward pity glance at what might have been, 

**** the drawn out goodbye, the heartfelt speech, the apologies for the inevitable.

It's not you it's me.....It's always me.

Let the truth hang  above my broken form, swaying as the ceiling creaks under its bitter weight. I will dance to it's rhythm soon enough.

Then cease.
  Dec 2014 Petal pie
Elizabeth Squires
within the lunar and stellar
landscape's terrain
the dreamer shall reach
a marvelous domain
an infinite amount of possibilities
live in this plain
journeying to its wonderland
our ultimate refrain

children we can be
in the ginormous playground
we'll giggle at all
the amusements that are found
there will be lots
of entertainments e'er around
plenty of happiness will reside
on its merry go round

this though has grabbed
many a child's attention
to take a magical carpet ride
to a celestial dimension
we adults recall the fantasy
of its inception
our young hearts filling
with joy's cheery invention

the inner child breaths
in our mind's eye
sometimes it likes to fly
like a kite on high
in this amazing realm
dreams never die
their potentiality lifts us
with a sparkling spry
#dreams  #childhood  #fun  #fantasy
Petal pie Dec 2014
Some of her wiring had come loose
She had burnt out like toast
left on too high a setting

Now her brain needed a reboot
It had come to this
be plugged into a mainframe

she did not feel a thing
just a small sharp scratch
and the pleasant scent of the oxygen mask

wakes up a little blurry
mouth a little furry
but new connections made

a few weeks on
she can spark up a smile again
an electro convulsive treat
I'm midway through a course of ect if you were wondering! Its a mystery as to how but somehow it does have a positive impact on my mental health! Thank goodness as I've had a very bad low recently(I'm bipolar 2) and been in hospital. x
  Dec 2014 Petal pie
I found myself in the hollow
Painting pictures of you
With no color and all the memory
A film with audio cut
Silently grab my hands
Trusting knives for fingertips
Show me how how to feel again
Painting this backdrop
Of the darkroom we hide in
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