You loved who I once was
I'm not that girl anymore
I'm not a girl anymore
Sorry to break it you.
You can't see it can you.
She's gone.
Get over it.
Find someone new.
Jeriff designed
a turquoise and pearl
necklace for me
in 10 minutes
as brother ray's piano sang
she knows a woman's place
is right there, now,
in the background.
Sitting top the slide
like we owned it.
Chewing sour weed —
best friends and a guinea pig.
Nothing but pesticides
they said of our antics.
"I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired"
we droned back.
Looking forward to things.
When I thought about aphrodisiacs
Rory and Logan.
Not being the same age as
people who said you're so young.
Feeling secure.
The drama of youth.
Pencil sharpeners.
Writing things down.
Pure physical exhaustion.
Amanda's sleepovers.
Dance dance revolution.
Chocolate chip pancakes
in the morning.
Running around barefoot
in the yard.
Everything not
a business.
Minding my own business.
Yellow cake with white icing.
Blowing out candles.
Surfing the net
to see
what there was.
Discovery in other people.
Being OK.
Not being Ok.
Caring if someone
was OK.
Sour weed.
Monkey bars
Running up and down
the soccer field.
Stop that


you filthy children!
A tarantula!
Get it away from me!!!!!!
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