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Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
Take a deep breath and let your life begin
Close your eyes and find meaning within
Disappear if you disappoint
Bust your blues and split the joint
Calm your nerves
And be who you deserve

Turn off the old mind and finally relax
Space and time can get you back on track
Flee the scene and whisper to the sun
That all is well for now you have become
Who you are
You were never that far
Austin Sessoms Apr 2012
little birds work their way up her neck
as if her ear would give them
the rest they deserve
their colors are fresh
ink is set
clearly their flight
has not been long enough
to make them fade
but hidden by hair
not quite long enough
to obscure them
just long enough
to give them shade
from time to time

I long to give those birds
the rest they deserve
to lend them my lips
as a momentary resting place
on countless occasions
in the years to come
I long to give them hope
to show them that their flight
their constant motion
is unnecessary
and that it is ok
for them to settle down
I had once been in a church to drink a beer
Behind the pastor seat
A risk I took with no fear
Ends me a back seat.

I wonder who reported me
For I was sure all doors were locked against me
I was sure the gate keeper didn't notice me
I guess the walls have eyes
Oh, maybe holy spirit really exist
But why did he have to show up then
I was in the same spot sweating in prayers
Crying rain seeking for a divine help
Nobody reported me then
Is this not a case of betrayal?

People, they just love being messengers of negativity
When I was sweeping the altar, dusting this same pastor seat nobody shouted my activities.

Wait a minute, what was I thinking
Why should I carry a sin in a bottle
Straight to a supposing holy temple.
Holy? Is a place I once caught cockroaches making out holy?
The venue where our tithes and offerings are being pocketed by the church hierarchy still holy?

Even as that, I don't suppose to join the crowd to pollute the Lord's place
Truly I deserve even behind the back seats, yes I deserve the shame.
Just using this poem to paraphrase how fate work, how our grace are not the same, people can be doing lots of bad things but the day you try it might be the day you will be exposed and prosecuted as a scapegoat.
Remember that have to nurture your own light
before it can shine
Even if you are empty
even if there is no one to hold your hand
You'll find that a different kind of strength
comes from what you go through

-Esther L. Krenzin-
You are strong. You are brave. You are here. It will be over soon.
Hold yourself until the tears dry.
Hold yourself until you feel your soul gain some of the weight
it lost.
Sonu kumar Jan 15
Either I don’t deserve you
You don’t deserve me

I don’t know whether I deserve you or not but you deserve better than me
and just like that, she realized
she was the love she longed for
we accept the love we think we deserve
without realizing we have the entire universe within our souls
Rayma Apr 2018
I never wanted to immortalize you.
I didn't want to write a poem
Or a song
And carve these memories into something more tangible.
So instead I will immortalize my hatred for you.

I never understood what it meant to be a teenager.
A seventeen-year-old giving ******* in backseats
Because that's what it's all about, right?

It's about making out on my bed that's
Barely big enough for me,
Because I live closer to work and we can fool around on our lunch breaks.
That's what it's all about, right?

It's about sitting on your lap crying,
Scared that you'll hate me if I say I never wanted this.
It's about you gently scooping me into your arms
When I show you a letter because I can't choke out the words,
And you say it's okay but all you took from my confession was that I was scared.
It's about going too fast and when I grasp for the emergency break you swat my hand then try to hold it as we crash and burn.

I never liked you.
You were nice to me.
You smiled.
You joked.
You flirted and you told me I was the world,
So I thought 'this is it.'

But I could never even bring myself to compliment you back,
Because deep down I knew all along that I never really liked you at all.
You bought me chocolates.
You made me laugh.
You made me feel nice.
For about three days.
And then I realized I was trying to live the life I missed in seven short days.

I ended it nicely, but you persisted.
At first it was cute.
I reminded you kindly, but you persisted.
At second it was sweet.
I told you again, but you put a finger to my lips and played with your lighter.
At third it was no longer a game.
I clarified what I meant, but you ignored my text.
At fourth it was "unread."
I made sure you knew, laid it out plain, but somehow you missed that one too.
At fifth I was ******.
I tried again.
At sixth I was done.
Do you still not get it?
At seventh you disgusted me.

Now I can't even look at you.
Hearing your voice makes my skin crawl,
And the smell that I used to wrap myself in
When I wore your shirt as a sweater
Makes me sick to my stomach.

You still try.
You still speak.
You still make jokes.
And it makes my blood boil.
Because I hate you and everything you have done to me.

I won't speak to you, or
Acknowledge your presence,
But somehow that doesn't matter to you.
Doesn't it make you mad?
How does it not make you mad?
I want to make you mad.

Maybe if you're angry I can finally say
All the things I never got to tell you.
Maybe your fuse will blow and I can finally
Cover your skin with bruises where kisses used to be.
Maybe I can finally scream.
Maybe I can finally admit what you did to me, and tell you to your face.
Do you even realize that you ***** me?

I hate that you have this kind of power over me.
I hate that it has been seven months and my
Lip still curls when I see you.
I hate that I blamed myself for so long,
And that I still rush to amend, "but he didn't **** me in a violent way."
"Well, by the legal definition of ****..."

**** is **** and it is time that I understand that.
What you did is inexcusable.
Sometimes I want to tell you, to scream it in your face,
Because if you don't know then maybe
Telling you will prevent it from happening again.
But then I remember what you said about getting angry,
How it's rare but violent.
I think of your fascination with blades,
Your collection.
I think of how we close together and how I have to
Walk across a dark parking lot alone with you.

I hate that you don't know.
I hate that no one understands why
I hate you as much as I do.
Obassi Bholai Nov 2018
I could tell you more about the hurt
inflicted into us by what we thought was love
and to find it be an inevitable pain
followed by tears that flow off the face
and the guilt that maybe it was out fault.

we NEVER get the love we deserve,
manipulated and programmed the generational stigma
to love one more than yourself and unfulfilling
what we as the human race should've
been instilled with was self love.

too busy lost in the social media haze of
losing yourself into everything that we
forget to love ourselves
forgetting we have to do that before we
can truly love any one person.
vllxch Dec 2017
I never thought that i will fall for you.
But, here i am.
Every day, every second,
falling for you over and over again.

I told God
my struggle on finding the right man to date.
because, i'm tired of wasting my time on someone who don't
deserve me.
But i guess, He just sent me one person
who deserve me and i deserve him,
it's you.
He knows that i need someone that could change me to be a better person.

You are that "someone".
You are the one that i never thought would come.
but, i'm so lucky and thankful that you here.

How i'm so in love with every wise words that you said.
the way you take responsibility of everything you do,
and the way you take care of me like brother take care of his sister.

There are so much more about you that makes me fall deeply in love with you,
but i don't wanna share it to everyone,
or else they will fall for you too.
SMS Jan 1
I’m sorry to no one but myself
I’m sorry I can’t take care of you
I’m sorry you deserve someone
Who’s way more in control than me
I’m not sure if you’re stuck with me,
Or if I’m toxicly stuck within you.
jerelii Jun 2018
To love one’s self
To accept her flaws instead of thinking out why she’s helpless
Know that you are amazing
in you; you can find love
when you treat yourself better
you also treat yourself with the
love and care you deserve
Know that you are stronger
than any storms
and that we all
have different battles that we are facing
in our life everyday
But know that we can get through this
And learn to be mindful with the present
And step by step
begin to be grateful for yourself,
for the air that you breathe, for the food that you eat,
for the people that loves you,
for the nature that nourish
you to flourish.
And be your kind of love
because you do this for yourself
to accept, to love,
and to embrace who you are
because you deserve
the right treatment
to be your own uniqueness.

be your love
give and recieve love from yourself
because we need the right proper care and love
that we also owe to ourselves
because we sometimes forget to do this things from ourselves. Self-love is important
to give to yourself.

be kinder than to feel.

you deserve a treat of love & care
from you <3
Sofia Rybkina Nov 2018
we do not deserve the truth – it's too marvellous inside 
and too dangerous on the edge of the minds and hearts. 
what are you choosing now? you should decide – 
no one is tearing us apart.   

we do not deserve the love – it's too magical and insane, 
like the summer after the long-long frosts. 
now you are coming to me again – 
lonely, sorrowful, so lost.   

we do not deserve the life – it's too powerful and too strong, 
it's destroying us and it's breaking us inside. 
what are you choosing now? where do you belong? 
that's the matters you finally should decide.
Diana Jul 7
Cast out the deceitful voices
In your head
Telling you that you’re unworthy
To be loved
Because you deserve to be loved
You. Deserve. Love.
Regardless of what you’ve
Regardless of your past
Forgive yourself
It is not easily done
It will be hard
It will be difficult
And at times
You will question your progress
But again
You must cast out those voices as well
Because you
Are worthy of love
Sometimes we just need to be told by someone else that we deserve love and that we are loved because we might get consumed in our head. I really do encourage you to cast out these voices in the name of Jesus because He has healed me so much, and His love for me has shown me how to love myself.
Cné Mar 2017
i am naked
and been exposed
i deserve it
i suppose
at mending
a broken-ness
and making
such a mess
of things
among an audience
never once
of the pain
i'd be bringing
of a secret
i behold
i regret
i never told
the tears
i cry
i, now
to realize
my character
Do you ever have one of those dreams where you find yourself in public literally naked with failed attempts at hiding? ... Nothing like starting my day with anxiety.
Whittney May 2018
Fighting on the front lines
With red pens
For creativity,
For independent thought,
For common sense
Not Common Core

This is a battle in a bureaucratic war we’re losing
Keep pushing and shoving against an impenetrable wall
But we’re only foot soldiers, not actually giving orders

Kids look down on us and they ask,
“Will this be on the test?”
And say,
“Get out of my face.”

Taught by parent(s) to resist.
These are Kids who fail to create
But recite, recall, and retaliate

“Mistake” has become a forbidden word.

School is no longer a safe haven
Testing, testing, 1-2-3 hundred murdered students, teachers

Hanging by a thread and losing the grip a little more every day

Following the curriculum map to X marks the standardized test.

We dig and
                  Dig and
For the buried treasure trove of teaching magic. The legitimacy and respect our careers deserve. The money, the time, the love, the support.

But it’s buried under so much testing and red tape, and so    

We fail.
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