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Lindsay Thomas Sep 2017
I don’t need your pity flirts.
I don’t need the charm
that melts off your lips
like ice cream on a hot summer day
right off the cone.
I don’t need those eyes of yours
judging the shape of my body,
sizing up my insecurities and shortfalls
like I’ve got no place to call home.
I have plenty of love in my life;
real and genuine and always present.
I don’t need you to feel
like you can do your community service here.
I am not in need.
I’m not alone.
I never was, and I never will be.
So, I don’t need you.
Never did, actually.
Lindsay Thomas Sep 2017
You called me Gorgeous
like it meant something to you.
I needed a pick-me-up,
and you were it…
Lindsay Thomas Aug 2017
I’m on the outside looking in,
Reading the lips of the people inside
Longing to be a part of the conversation.
Lindsay Thomas Aug 2017
We're all missing something;
Some of us more than others-
Visible gashes in our physical being.
Some, invisible.
Valleys where love once lived.
Potholes in our memories from pain
that swept the roadways of our minds.
Rotting emotions, sitting in a corner
festering from lack of use...
a tongue out of order where whispers
of sweet nothings grew.
Lindsay Thomas Jan 2016
Cloudy nights are brighter than starlit twilights.
Lindsay Thomas Jan 2016
Holding so much inside.
Ignoring the pain that resides.
Telling myself we'll be alright,
knowing full well it's a lie.
Breaking, shattering, falling apart.
Reaching the end of that rope;
my last gleaming hope is fading.
Jaded, incomprehensive, inconsolable. Extinguished fire behind my eyes,
the last burning embers pulsing out.
Collapsed lungs suffocating me,
drowning in deprivation.
Grim stands beside me, holding my hand.
Das ende. Slutten. Fin.
Lindsay Thomas Jan 2016
Grab a couple monsters,
gather up your demons
It's a rollercoaster,
feeling these emotions.
So round up your shadows,
grab your insecurities,
take them to the theme park
and set them free to play.
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