Andrew 2d
repeat swamp, desert
same thing to this
damp mind. cold
soul. Sold
a long time ago
searching for my poems
in drawers
in deserts too
no more shores even
Tell me to bring my hammock to the river
so you can read by the soft      
Of water and gentle splashes of fish    
And me skipping rocks

And I'll tie the strings to the two strongest trees-
The one where I carved my heart
And you carved our names
And the one I climbed
That hot summer's day
To see the horizon.

I'll bring your favorites-
Stephen King and J.K Rowling
Of course
J.R.R Tolkien
(I won't forget Emily Dickinson either, love.            
I know her poems hold your heart)            

I promise I'll sing quietly
Because it's impossible for me to be silent
But I love to listen to the birds
As much as you do
When you read in quiet sunshine.

You are the one who carried me across deserts
The one who held my hand through nightmares and memories
And I would give you a thousand of these summer days
Of rest
I would give you every day of the rest of my life
If it meant you could lose yourself
For just a moment
And forget about the scars you hate
(The ones I trace and tell you to love                            
Because how could I not love every part of you?)      

I'll take my hammock down to the river.

Just meet me there, love.

— The End —