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Sophie Aug 2
Have you ever sat down and waited for a friendship to end?
Sophie Aug 2
We often run into the arms of those
Who can justify our madness,
Those who make us feel better about the monsters we have become,
Because we don't want to be better,
We don't want to change,
That's too much of a task for us
We just want to be loved the way we our,
Our ***** selves...
They embrace you because you haven't asked them to change.
Sophie Aug 2
....And even if I killed myself for you
You wouldn't even realise it
Because everyday with you
Was a slow death of me
You can't even imagine.
  Jul 30 Sophie
Ikigai Poet
Monsters never find peace in the bed
but in your head.
-Ikigai Poet
Demons will hurt you only if you allow them to do so.
Sophie Jul 21
He said I was his slice of heaven
I sit here crying
Begging my soul to love him
As much as he loves me
But I can't
I can't make myself love you
And I'm sorry.
Sophie Jul 15
The empty sky at night
Reminds me of you
That I may have rid myself of you
Empty like the sky this night
But it was when I had you
That my life was full and beautiful
Like the stars at night.
You are irreplaceable....
  Jul 15 Sophie
I didn't feel like writing today.
I was afraid I'd say the unsaid.
I dont wanna face the truth,
I dont wanna give up on us.
Why cant you come back to me,
And be the way it's supposed to be?
But alas I'm a poet. I must write.
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