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Sophie May 10
I realized that I belong to no one
And so I owe loyalty to no one
I can be who I want with who I want, when I want.
That is the freedom I need.
Sophie Apr 4
We stayed up late last night
Beautiful whispers in the dark
I told you my fears
And asked you if you missed me...

The next morning, I woke up and I couldn't  move
I rolled over and you weren't there....

I wish you'd stay
I wish you'd call me every night
I wish you'd be there by my side
Beautiful whisper in the dark

I wish you could be here with me, fight these demons for me,
Dance to 'mirrors' with me
Be the hero
I wish more than anything
You'd be mine to have and keep
My hard-headed ******,
I wish you'd stay...
Sophie Feb 21
I do want to hurt you
The same way you hurt me
  Jan 11 Sophie
Even in this distance
I have always  loved you
Even in this separation
I have always  embraced you
Even in this pain of longing
I have found bliss in it
Just loving you
I have found
Lost me in me

Sophie Dec 2019
Have you ever met the man called Hope?
He's tall and Chubby,
He has freckles under his eyes,
His smile is like a million puppies
His lips knows me

Hope pulls me close when I poke at his tummy,
He plays with my hair because he thinks it's funny,
Hope follows me everywhere
And never cares what anyone will say
He likes me too much to care anyway

Hope calls me and in my sleep I hear his voice
Hope reminds me that Love still exists
And I am  worthy of it...
I almost gave up until I met hope.
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