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Sophie Dec 2020
I can't wait to meet you
To see you
To hold your hand..
I close my eyes and imagine it

I can't wait to be with you
To feel your skin next to mine
To take in your smile
I close my eyes and pray

I miss you
Babe, I don't know if it's because I just watched a romcom but I miss you so dearly. ❤️❤️❤️
Sophie Oct 2020
Words fail me sometimes
I can't convey how it feels some days
I find myself wondering and wandering,
Asking and doubting,
Praying and crying,
Wishing and waiting,
But there you are lost in your bliss
Calm and collected
As if life is just a breeze and a thunderstorm,
Your arms stretch for my heart
And call me home to you

I want to learn from your stillness
From your quiet calm voice
Your 'hello', calms me
Making me want to lean into you
Sophie Oct 2020
I just want to lay with you
Stay with you, play with you
Be your flavor...everyday with you
No music
No lyrics
Just me and you
Sophie Sep 2020
We want to sleep but don't want to sleep,
We want to hang up but we don't want to hang up,
I'm uncertain about these small matters
But what I am certain of?
We certainly want to fall asleep in each other's arms...
  Aug 2020 Sophie
Grace E
Some people like to think of themselves as the black sheep...
I’ve always considered myself more of the glittery sheep of the flock
Oh, my wool is sparkling? Didn’t even notice ;)
Sophie Aug 2020
Baby come into the light
Let me feel your skin
Under the  sky blue sheets
Baby come into me now
Let this world begin
Something indepth, so real
You and Me with the skies
Love me so tender, so slowly
Take me and keep me
Your only
Love, friend
Fighters to the end

This is our story
So come closer to the Light.
For D. J
Sophie Aug 2020
We haven't met yet
But I feel like I will enjoy making you smile..
Watch you laugh
And maybe pause the moment
Or let it play in repeat but in slo-mo

We haven't met yet
But I feel like our hugs will last
a longer while..
My small head resting on you safely
As you fight the urge to carry me

We haven't met yet
But I feel like we'll be in each other's space for a while.
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