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Jackie Sep 2021
Sweet surrender of love, cast down your sorrows
Your fingers gently seize onto my flesh
I willingly submit to your invasion
Plucking my heart ripe

I remember when you used to love me
The sweet nectar linger on your lips
Dripping tears of reconciliation
Speaking words of declaration

I'd like to believe that you're not satisfied
That our love preserved in your eyes
Those scopes which used to adore me
Now glossed over with hazy indifference

I now know by this deafening silence
And the weight left on "goodbye"
That I was never enough to love me
You never even tried.
Keep the love I gave to you and know that's all you'll get. I don't want it back.
Sophie Apr 2019
I laid in bed
Couldn't sleep
It wasn't the heat
I already showered twice
It wasn't the heat
Gentle breeze raising me up and bring me down
It wasn't the heat
I already felt cold inside
I missed you
I felt your absence in the heat
In the breeze
In the cold even with the heat
Rolling over
Rolling sober
I didn't miss you
I missed the way you made me feel
Like gentle breeze, raising me up and bringing me down
Like the heat, overtaking every inch of me
It wasn't you
It was the feeling
Then I realised
It is **** too late to be awake
Thinking over what can be replaced.
I am Unique but not irreplaceable
Sophie Mar 2019
I deserve Ice cream and cookies

I deserve attention and commitment

I deserve 'I miss you' 'I need you' 'You are beautiful'

I deserve happiness and a heart to rely on

I deserve hugs and the deepest kisses

I deserve laughter and a sound sleep

I deserve promises and a willingness to keep

I deserve openess and acceptance

I deserve dedication
I deserve them all

And when I find myself
Missing him
After everything he has put me through
I speak to my soul:
You deserve better, Soft one

You deserve Love
Remind yourself....
Sophie Feb 2019
They asked me
''How did you get over him?''
''How did you get over him so quickly?"
I smiled and I laughed
A crazy laugh
I cried and I laughed
A silent cry
A crazy laugh
I told them
"I tricked my heart into believing that I didn't  need him."
The brain knows the truth, the heart is a sucker for love songs.
دema flutter Feb 2019
you make me mad,
out of mind,
you make me want
to lose my
**** over you, but
no thanks,
you aint **** anyways.

— The End —