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We are all at war in
Constant motion.
Waving to and fro;
These lives wither
Much quicker than
When rooted in soft
Soil. I wonder wether
Love is the small sun
In all of us.
 Jul 2015 The Whisper
Kelly Hogan
Live. Die. Repeat.

And leave behind the ones you love.

Live. Die. Repeat

Release your soul to soar above.

Live. Die. Repeat.

You gave it your best try.

Live. Die. Repeat.

Just please let me say “goodbye .”

Live. Die. Repeat…
It isn’t easy to love a girl
Who gives it up too much,
It takes a strong and open mind
To see beyond her crutch
To love her with an open heart
And forget those other’s touch
 Aug 2014 The Whisper
Lucy Sky
 Aug 2014 The Whisper
Lucy Sky
Gazing at the stars, she searched for him. The tears sparkled like the night sky that winked back.  
Somewhere deep inside, her conscious  screamed, begging for mercy. Not a single sound escaped from her mouth.  
For the first time in years, she didn't fight, but rather, welcomed the chaos that brewed in the depths of her psyche.
She let it break her down. Bit by bit, until all that's left are the ashes of past lives, a skeleton of a once vibrant being.
It felt good, comforting, to feel insane. So out of touch with the rest of the cosmos.
There she stood, like the statue of a love scorn woman, letting her soul burn.
Engulfed by the internal flame, the ocean whispering its sweet nothings, her smile crept out of hiding. It spoke 1000 words.
She felt like the sea, calm on the surface  but underneath it all was uncontrollable disarray.
Hidden secrets, bidding their time until destruction.
The cool breeze wrapped its arms around the core of her being, soothing her stifled sobs.
A reminder that she's not alone. He is there. Watching. Waiting. Protecting.
The tide that splashed up, reaching up to lightly kiss her skin. Inhaling deeply, she could feel his energy rush into the darkest corners of her mind. A reminder of a love she used to have.
She seemed so beautiful in her pain. She carried it so well. It was buried so deep, but her eyes made the cracks in her armor visible.
He looked down at her, admiring the beautiful disaster he began to create.
Those tears were his doing. He broke her heart, shattered into thousands of pieces. His decision drove her into madness.
Oh, what he would give to take it all back. To wipe away her tears, never letting them touch the ground.
If only they had realized that their love would have been the saving grace.
He whispers another apology, the sea kissing her skin once more.
His name passed by the gates of her mouth, without a sound.
She held her breath and let herself be taken over.
One last breath before she dived in.
The ocean swept her up, off to the love of her life.
 Aug 2014 The Whisper
Lucy Sky
It wasn't that long ago that I craved her with every part of my being.
The mornings that I would wake up,begging to feel her coursing through my veins. Her arms curling around every inch of my body. Oh, how comforting she was.
Some days, she was my muse. Some days, she was my worst ******* nightmare. I swear she got off on how much she could hurt me. Her sadistic laughter, while I felt like my insides were being fed through a meat grinder. The nights I stayed up, shivering cold to the bone, yet couldn't stop sweating.
Those were the nights that I wished I had broken it off, if only it had been that easy.
I can still smell her almost everywhere I go. That horrid sour stench, at times its so strong, I can taste it.
The days when I craved her company seem like distant memories. She does manage to corner me on my off days. She can tell I could so easily accept her apology.
I've learned my lesson. I won't let that beautiful hurricane try to destroy me again.
 Aug 2014 The Whisper
Lucy Sky
I remember the days when my heart would light up when you walked into the room. The days when we sat wrapped in each others arms, watching the night sky with smiles on our faces and our heartbeats racing.
What happened?
Where did the nights that we had spent together run off to? Im sitting on the sidelines, watching the once brilliantly lit flow dwindle away to nothingness. My heart doesn't sing the the way it used to.
Why am I fighting for something that's already gone? What happened to the person that I used to know? The person that I loved..
We are nothing but an empty shell of something that was once so beautiful. My heart quietly breaks while we drift further and further apart.
I don't want to let go, but I'm not sure what it is that I'm even holding onto anymore.
Where did we go? Was this bound to happen? Were we ****** from the start.
The hidden part of me, the one buried deep inside, knows that we have both already let go. That the beautiful light that had once shone so bright, was snuffed out and all that was left  are the ashes that silently float away on the cold breeze.  Whispering their somber goodbye, the words I'm too afraid to say.
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