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It will grant you mistakes
And hurtful blisters
But it will make you wiser
A poem every day.
Solaces Nov 2014
I was under for only 29 minutes..
And yet I lived a life of 67 years..
I was on the planet Earth..
I had a beautiful family and a beautiful life..
It was on my final days..
I had a visit from ghost of my past..
At least I thought they were ghost..
Turns out they were messengers..
Beautiful memories of others for me to remember..
Turns out Earth had been destroyed over 2000 years ago..
However we are provided to live one cycle there..
To remember where we came from..
To remember her in all her glory..
I awake truly 67 years later 29 minutes under..
I remember them so fondly..
My family..
I miss them..
We are scattered among the stars now..
Looking for a new home..
29 minutes, 67 years

— The End —