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I'm going to cut your supply
I'm going to starve that destructive fire from oxygen
The one which burns within you
That desire to hurt
I'm going to sweep your breadcrumbs from my doorstep
Take back your sullen energy
You who delight in sowing destruction
Look into the mirror of your empty eyes and see what's inside your toxic well
Your jealous empty heart contains nothing but deceit and destruction
Your blatant lack of empathy has unveiled your deepest secret
You have showed the world exactly who you are ... and finally we believe you
No more alibis for you
And once a serpent's head has been cut off
It will rage out of control ... but only for so long
Before it is no more
Like one who has been struck with madness
Like an addict without a drug
I am no longer your supply
I will save my empathy for those who deserve it
And I forgive myself for unknowingly enabling you by buying into your games
But most of all ... I'll be good to myself
Written by Sean Achilleos
10 August 2021
zackery jennings Oct 2015
my strength is not physical my strength is rare you could walk by any day and never see it my strength shows when requirements are met the cost of my strength is the ever devouring stress my strength shows in struggles to aid those that i can strength of mind to solve the issue at hand strength of sight to show a different perspective in life see what others see expand your mind  and your soul to understand each other in a new way one much closer than technology can get us by simply understanding this is not easy this strength can cause you to feel old wounds once though closed but when you can come as close to truly understanding someone as possible sometimes its worth it
this one stemmed from a conversation i had with some one though not what was originally said of course. i was told that i was basically saying "walk a mile in their shoes" but they had liked the way i put it better so i came up with this it could use a little work tho. rough draft

— The End —