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little lion Jan 24
I wonder if I'll ever know what it feels like
to wake up each morning
to a life
that's actually worth living.
J Dec 2019
She is but a dream;
a dream that would not fade,
even long after waking up.
And will remain a dream.

A meager attempt after a long break.
Grey Dec 2019
I wake up
To a day half gone
The troubles of sleeping in.
Phi Kenzie Oct 2019
No sleep 'til I'm dreaming
let exhaustion try and take my consciousness

I don't want to be awake anymore
but shutting my eyes is a waste of time

My bed is a wasteland of waking nightmares
and the air is hot in October

I thought tears could take me
but the last try I cried myself to activity

Melatonin is a hoax I hold no hope for
and **** is a drug that gets me ****** up

Even this isn't helping
maybe it can help you
Bhill Oct 2019
Stretch it out

Your internal time clock says it time
You feel your self waking up...
Yawn, open your eyes just a bit to see if it's light
Remember where you are
Stretch out those sleeping legs
Throw your arms over your head and...
Stretch till you feel the muscles wake up
Wow...  Wow that feels good
Are you ready?
Let's go
Forget that, I'm going back to sleep....

Stretch it out...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 250
Wake up, get out of bed...
Lake Sep 2019
call me when you get this
you don't wanna miss it
you don't wanna wait too long
they're playing your favorite song
can you wake up when you hear my call
i'll be waiting until next fall
Michael H Sep 2019
The rudest awakening,
Alarm clock beckons.
From bliss to reality,
in two nasty seconds.

Early winter mornings,
an unnatural time.
So dark and depressing
is this great British clime.

The air is freezing.
The heating is broken.
It's to this Baltic *******,
that I am awoken.

Skin's hypersensitive
and lights are too bright.
Noises too noisy,
Take me back to the night.

Forced out of bed,
and all just for money.
But as everyone knows,
no money, no honey.
Eliza Sep 2019
i enjoy my sleep’s nightmares.
i find them lovely
for they are the closest i come
to feeling like i am about to die.

disappointment reeks when i awake.
Yellow light peaking through,
I get to wake up and look at you.
We turn to each other and cuddle close,
nose to nose.
Lines of light strike your eyes...
I can no longer breathe.
Deep brown pools of chocolate,
I wander into your forest eyes and can't find my way out,
I'm lost.
They turn to coffee and then you are there,
standing in the kitchen, no clothes yet,
asking if I need cream for the coffee you made me.
You are coffee.
I need you every morning.
It's hard to live without you.
Wait, not too much cream!
It needs to resemble your eyes.
My feelings about waking up next to him. Also he makes me coffee every morning.
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