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Savonte May 23
Artemis, save me from his kiss
Tuck my heart deeply into devotion for thee
May I walk with the wolves and howl with glee
May I from yearnings of romance be free
May flowers bloom underneath my feet
And the honeysuckles taste forever sweet
May the nymphs bring me herbs to forget
Those longings that threaten eternal regret
And if too much to ask is this request
Bring upon me an arrow
So I may rest.
Catnip Lily Jul 2020
Nymphs and butterflies were you? Simply a mystery.
People changed and we must step on. Nope, not relating to any experiences; I just loved nymphs and butterflies. # testing
Peter Farsje Feb 2020
Hidden from the world lies a place so divine,
dark and quiet, it heralds peace within.

A place know to
but a chosen few,
its walls laced with delicate ferns
dripping with crystaline dew.

Hear the drops and trickles falling
musically to the stream below.

Deep within its walls
dwell those shadowy few,
nymphs and faeries
and others too.

Niads and hyriads
and their spirit kind,
lie in serene repose.

Ye blessed visitors
who this place find,
Keep these secrets
so divine
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
to you, it's snoring,
but to me, it's angelic
so pure, innocent
Sometimes I wonder if she might be an angel, a fairy, a nymph, or perhaps a valkyrie because she is far too pure for this world
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
With lavender and blossom wreathed
in their loose wavy curls
Part 2 of 3
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Sweet-skinned Nymphs of fawn,
ebony and ivory-limbs sing
Part 1 of 3 Nymph (10W)
I've actually hit 600 poems too! Wow! ^-^
Lyn ***
Kaitlin Evers Mar 2018
That we would always be
children together, forever.
Though not weighed down
by the obscurities of this world
nor tethered to adults,
not even that we would live
in this painful world of math and science,
but in the clouds flying free.
In the forest like nymphs,
gaily frolicking in play.
Innocent in nature
and ignorant of the dark.
Fatine Jun 2017
Hello, dear nymphs of evening, the witnesses of Helios and Nyx's eternal fight.
How come you sound so dreaming, a vision of waves with golden light?
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