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Poetress2 Apr 4
I feel a need, deep down inside,
if only from it, I could hide;
It starts with just, a tiny knaw,
before I know it, it snowballs.
It's not a feeling of deep despair,
but rather, a feeling that no one cares;
It starts deep down, begins to grow,
before I know it, I feel old.
There are no meds. to ease my mind,
no quick fix, for this heart of mine;
Something's amiss, inside of me,
I do not know, what it could be.
Oh Glenda (Miz Gee gee)
     years elapsed since, I didst hawk
     verboten fruit adrip
from yar verdant bough,  
     thy strong craven raven
     doth still twitter and flip

sans thy testosterone switch,
     where woody pecker missus grip
ping re: egret ting prospective
     relationship nixed thee
     as gull friend material, hip
mistress, though heron eye did pay lip

     service verily orgasmically quip
yes...wren doer ring
     more'n commit Freudian slip
which peeping cardinal tip
     towing thru nested tulip trip

     gave balled oriole peck whip
ping lil *** pistol be
     friending chirping ***** riot
inserting thingmabob
     after pants sigh did un zip.
Egg gad unlike rob bin duck cradle
yar mature red breast all aswirl
     asper a stationary dreidel
mammary ducts mine mouth pursed
     yar ******* mine gums did ladle.

Only in memory, aye
hungrily thirst and thirstily hunger
     fort deux aureole dye
still affecting this gab
     bird, who didst deign
     as milquetoast guy.

Whenever this birdman alone
his thoughts metaphorically drone
worm wayward toward
     ***** thatch, where

     hello kitty doth purr and groan
of quintessentially
     ***** coiled hair moan
ning softly as thee
     bared naked lady lies prone
admiring pinkish puckered
     def flesh tone.
Mary Frances Nov 2017
As the rain pours and hides my tears,
I am thinking of all my fears.
My fear of losing you.
My fear of falling out of love with you.

As the rain pours and touches my skin,
I am thinking of us and what could have been.
What would happen if we took the risks?
What would happen if we knew what went amiss?

As the rain pours and drenches my heart,
I'm in pain thinking we're apart.
Hoping that as the rain goes away,
You'll come back and stay.
ryn Oct 2017
Something is wrong,
something's amiss today.

Sun shines duller,
and everything seems so ill-fitting.

Walking in all directions,
failing to find the way.

It's beyond this fog...
I know but I'm just not seeing.

It's like a rope,
tied in a noose and knows no fray.

Something's amiss...
and I think I'm losing.
Alyssa Quinones Nov 2016
I painted you a hundred skies, but you never wanted mine.
been Dec 2014
The funky smell of her breath in the morning sun
Her mouths words warm as a
smoking gun
Her earlobes cold in the wind
Hands sweat entwined
Her heart no longer mine

A night to feel the solo beat
Rhythm of a lost soul in the street
Olivia Choi Nov 2014
Tears crumple to the ground
But so do the raindrops

And as you can't tell the difference
In which one is which

One soul gone
In a storm of millions
Would not ever seem amiss

— The End —