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Anna-Marie Rose Nov 2020
Many things
I have too many things in my life
Too many reasons why
I have too many excuses
Too many thoughts
To many issues
Too many tissues
I have too sad things in life
Too many friends that
Come unglued
Too many nights
I stewed
Too many mistakes
Too many ******* things that
******* *****
But for **** sake
I'm glad that
You were all I needed
You were all I wanted and you were just right,
Not too much of you.
Too many
v Nov 2020
a jack of all trades
hard for me to focus
to choose just one

my body is mashed
here i am
a master of none
movements of chicken broth...  
as fresh mac and cheese
noodles attached
by my knowledge and memories
but nothing so oven strong
not baked today

a jack of all trades.
if serious a talent.
if forgotten...

talent turns you aside and whispers to you
just one more time
do you make a decision do you choose?
master of one or master of none

a jack of all trades
getting quite weary
linked to motivation
the esquire in me
knighthood approaches
It's the master within thy

a jack of all trades but the focus in none
master a few or master of some
starting now or never again
master just one
a single mad hatter
to crack just one

time keeps ticking and it'll all fold down
jack of all trades
master of all
colette alexia Mar 2020
Why do I always love
More people than I should
nichole r Jun 2014
half scribbled thoughts
written with darkness
cover sheets and sheets of paper
and litter the floor
of my already disorganized mind.

— The End —