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Noah Oct 2019
The one time someone held my hand
I had lost my glasses and
she took mine in hers
she led me down the stairs to find them
so i lost my glasses at the summer camp i went to and a pair were found in the office downstairs and because i couldn't see anything a girl helped me get downstairs
Noah Oct 2019
If my train of thought were a real train,
It'd be a high speed bullet one
whizzing by
to fast to see the people in the window
to fast for them to see me
Or else it would be an hour late already
and will it ever come?
ask the people on the platform
as they check their shiny silver watches
It's the third time this week
Noah Apr 2019
I thought I heard you last night in a dream,
Calling my name one last time
As much as I know it's impossible,
I long to see you again, as I marvel
At what we once had
Because no one tells you how much it hurts
When you're the best friend who moved away
So this was about my once best friend, whom I moved away when we were 7, and it's been quite a long time sense we have even talked. I have a really hard time making social bonds, and understanding people, and he was pretty much the only person who I could really 'get'
Noah Apr 2019
I've tried to tell you before,
I shouldn't have to say it again
I'm suffocating in the lies
Each one a knife
The blood spills down

My 'body' is a cage in which I tear
The bars replaced every time one falls down  
Each time I hear my 'name' I think I die a little bit more
How much longer until I'm completely dead inside
I don't know if I'm even still alive
The blood mixes with the tears spilling out of me

I hide in my closet
It's dark in my closet
I can't see myself in my closet
No one can harm me here
But I'm still suffocating

— The End —