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annh Mar 27
...back broken...
...divinely kneeling...
...mending reflections...

...feeling the delusion...
...waging a war...
...fuelled by resentment...

...old wounds distance me...
...soft tissue...
...neatly hidden...
...from mothering...

...withdrawing criticism...
...that’s all it takes...
...without shame...
...of surrender... the door...
...feel the longing...
...take the brave step...

...with you unafraid...
...all my intricate defences...
...would be taken away...

An experiment: pick a book, open it at a random page, close your eyes and see where your finger lands. Repeat steps two through four until the novelty wears off. Shuffle and compose. Omit the unintelligible. ;)

‘It starts off like climbing a tree or solving a puzzle - poetry, if nothing else, is just fun to write.’
- Criss Jami, Killosophy
susanna demelas May 2020
born from your rib
an extension of you.
mother, multiplied.
the second coming was born

and then she grew,
older, wiser, more curious.  
touching and eating –
things which i shouldn’t have
get your hands out from there
i felt too much, too soon
perhaps this is my original sin.

and what does a sinner deserve,
but punishment.
but lashings of the tongue, acidic
enough to break down the grime,
which you accumulated in your sleep.

until one day you shall wake,
your curious fingers extended,
extending an olive branch
for whom is so cold that they’re
left un-seduced by sour grapes?

let the limbs into your mouth.
let the salt wash over you
cleansing, those lashing-wounds
not healed, as of yet
but creating the stench of fresh blood,
no more.
Sylph Mar 2019
Act Your Age
Im not your child
Your not my Mother
Stop Mothering Me

Im not 5
i dont need your supervision
Nor Permission to do as i please.
Stop Mothering me.

Act Your Age
Your not 20
You cannot tell me what i can and cant do
Who i can or cant be
Or enforce Anything
On me
                                 Stop Mothering Me

Just Please

Be my friend
Thats the only thing
You can be
For me
You can leave
I need a friend that will support me and maybe give me advice
but not do everything for me.
And Especially not tell me what to do with my life.
Atlas Dec 2018
How do I convince you to love me?
I can make you tea and cookies
Or maybe mac and cheese
I can learn a song for you when you're feeling blue
I can kiss your neck and whisper why I want to be with you
I can wash your sheets and make your room neat
I can make your favorite snack
And if I do these things for you
Will you love me back?
Naomie Oct 2018
They tell you congratulations
And you'll think it's all smiles
They will tell you its joy and pride

They don't tell you
That your life has now changed
That your priorities have now changed
That your freedom is now gone
That your independence is now gone
That you're now confined at home
That you're never getting enough sleep
At least not any time soon

They don't tell you
That there are times you will join in the crying
Because you won't know why or how to make it stop
That there are times you'll get angry
Because you can't get them to sleep
That there are times you'll struggle to stay up
Because your sleep schedule is not yours anymore
That you'll probably panic everytime something is wrong
That you're gonna go to bed very tired
Because taking care of that tiny human is exhausting
And everything they need is your responsibility

They tell you welcome to motherhood
That it's is an amazing experience
Yes it is, yes it is
Dear first time mothers to be;
It's amazing
It's frustrating
It's lovely
Tommy Randell May 2018
You wanna know who pushed you
You wanna know who loved you
You wanna know who baked it
You wanna know who faked it

It was me hiding keeping score
It was me dying begging for more
It was me feigning my denial,
It was me glossed you with a smile

You, you never knew what hit you
You, you needed me to acquit you
Your guilt alone was a road trip
Your confusion now the best bit

For a Mother nurtured son
It's a truth that never gets old
You taught me about Revenge
Being a poem that's best written cold
Paul Butters Jul 2016
An Irish couple buy some fertilised duck eggs and they hatch.
But then they’re missing!
The cat is licking her lips.
Oh No!
They follow the cat to her snug in the barn.
She too has given birth.
Snuggled beneath the cat’s protective paws
Are suckling kittens and DUCKLINGS!

Had those dear ducklings hatched an hour earlier
Or later
They would have been cat food.
But around the birthing time Missus Cat was only a Mother,
Mothering anything that moved.

Mother Nature breeds such Motherly instincts.
A thing of Wonder.
A story that happens to be True.

Since then those ducks grew up
But still followed their “Mother”
Everywhere she went (within reason).
An unshakeable bond,
Lasting for ever.

Paul Butters
My friend Gail Littlefair reminded me of a wonderful story.....

memories still close
babies suckled from my *******
so dear and tender

Copyright © 2014 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.
Most Precious Time of my Life...Feeding Precious Beings from my Body...

— The End —