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she once had stars on her eyes that could light up the way back home without the moon helping out

and she once had a fire on her heart that could warm up even the coldest night with just the touch of her fingertips
but the stars were ripped out
and the fire burned out
now all she has are a broken pair of wings and a tainted halo

and her forsaken form walks the streets of a land she doesnt know

but oh, dear,
she has never felt more alive than she does on earth
sinful; wicked.
am I really that hard to love?
or am I just unlovable?

it's my fault for pushing everyone away.
it's my fault because I'm never there.

it's my fault.
is it?

am I really that hard to love?
or am I just afraid of getting hurt?

am I really hard to love?
should we love?

how does one love?

am I really that hard to love?
or it's just we all love differently.

what is love?
It's been a while...
Always be honest to yourself.

Good things happen to those who are unafraid to let their souls walk its own path.

We are meant to be free, so be it.

All the love, my friend.
May your journey
begin **
To everyone I've ever met,
to everyone who once tried to get to know me.
To everyone who wanted to be my friend,
to everyone who had to deal with me.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I'm stubborn.
I'm sorry I'm insecure.
I'm sorry I locked you out.

I'm working on becoming a better me,
I've realized I turned into a loner.

I. don't. wanna. be. a. loner.
I really didn't want to post this because I feel it's not worthy enough for this page, but on a serious note, this is me. This is my mind, my feels.
This is me when I can't sleep, when I've been lying for hours on my bed, thinking, and then look through my window and the sun's already out.
This is me being sorry for being myself, but also not sorry at all.
Me recognizing my demons and rising above them, without losing myself.
Met you back in two thousand fifteen,
had this feeling with you that
you were just unique.

Could feel it in my bones,
there was no point in denying it,
that you were just as real
as the snow that falls on winter,
or the sun that shines in summer.

And there is no point in denying it,
you grew on me really fast,
crawling under my skin,
tearing down all my walls,
in little to no time, you made your way inside my heart.

Met you back in two thousand fifteen,
been four years since you came to me,
I've learned more with you in these years
than what I've learned alone in seventeen.

You taught me to be brave,
you taught me to smile through the hate,
you taught me that life is more
than what we see on the internet.

You taught me to be better,
you taught me to be nice,
you taught me that "love and kindness are never wasted"
and most important,
you taught me that I'm enough.

Today, on July the twelveth,
I'm giving this poem to you,
because you're my daily inspiration,
because you've encouraged me to follow my dreams,
because writing is my way of loving,
and with this poem, I'm loving you.
Birthday poem for one of my favourite humans on earth, Bryana Holly.
She's my role model, I've been looking up to her for four years now. She makes me happy, and I hope to make her happy too.
She has inspired me to be better, helped me grow as a person and as a soul. She's one of the most important humans in my life and with her words has encouraged me to do what I love and feel right.
So today I wrote this for her.
Hopefully, you'll enjoy it too.
we are not infinite.

We tend to forget that
we die.

Our existence is a cycle.

We are not infinite.

Yet, the things we
The lives we

I like to think that those things are.

Just like, the ocean
and the sky
and nature.

Like the universe.

I like to believe that,
by watching the sunrise,
or the sunset,
by camping,
or planting a tree,
I like to believe that
THAT'S how we become

Becoming one with our surroundings.


Appreciating and taking care.

Learning, creating.

That's the way we become immortal.

We leave a mark, a trace,
a piece of our souls.

And so we keep on living...
Love is such an amazing thing to share,
and doing it without expecting anything in return
is one of the purest feelings ever.

Always love,
and faithfully.
And love everyone. Not just your partner. Not just your family.

Love everyone who crosses your path as if they were a part of you. Because they are.

Love your friends because they build you.
Love your enemies because they strengthen you.

Love your haters just because.

Love can heal the deepest wounds, but, for that,
we have to give it space.

As my favorite poet says, "Love is not black & white, nor gray, but full of color."
Last quote taken from Kaykay Blaisdell "Black & White".
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