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<en-nan nin nin en-nan et dan>
It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,
             COME ON, COME ON, COME ON!
It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,
...a pen, a floor, A CAGE,
             It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,
ON THE FLOOR, down you go-oo,
            It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,

It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,

Caught in, caught in, caught-up again,
            It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,

It's the Bra-Hi STOMP!

           It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,

ON THE FLOOR, down you go-oo,
            It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,
<musical break>
It's the Bra-Hi STOMP,
             COME ON, COME ON, COME ON!

It's the Bra-Hi STOMP!

<fade out>
A slow lead-in to a longer heavy metal jam. 'Bra' southern slang for brother so, "Brother I Stomp."
Aa Harvey May 2018
Working 9 to 5

The constant rumble of the fans above my head,
That cool me down, so I don't feel too tired.
The crashing bangs, of heavy metal things,
As the machines continue to work,
To produce metal sheets.

The thunderous press machine,
Thumps another piece of metal,
As the production line keeps moving,
Full of different people.
Each of them standing, in their own specific spot;
Capable of breaking the chain,
If one of them is gone.

So just hang your metal onto the track;
The thing that made me quit before, but I came back.
And now here I am, stronger and wiser,
Better than before;
Now they've offered me the job full time.

But I know, I can do better than this,
For I wish to be a poet, an author and a lyricist.
I just keep looking at the clock,
Waiting for another minute to pass.
****!  I'm sure it's stopped;
I've surely been here longer than that.
No; it's just because,
I'm not using my head
And thinking to make time pass quicker
And not just waiting for it to be 10.

At last!  It's here, we all give a silent cheer,
Or a sigh of relief, that the day is done.
At last, now we can all go home.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Darius Apr 2016
Are we the cattle of an entire nation?
What have we got to lose? Except for those already lost
You can be docile or violent, just don’t lie in silence!
Rise up! Here begins a new age, end discrimination!

Innocence is dead, the wrong men end up in the jail cell
This place is nice, but life is going to hell
They’re ******, ‘cause the former majority is now a minority
Hypocritical foundations, this land’ll never unite
What happened to Civil Rights?
They only gave us what was left.
You pigs - You must be bored just to send so many to the morgue
I can’t stand to watch the news, this society isn’t one to put kids through
And it’ll only get worse
Time never changes, history repeats
No more running (RISE UP!) This is the culling!

The culling!
Never will I be your *****!
The culling! (x2)
The United States lives an ****** Cold War!
(Let’s Rock)

We are the Antiheros, the Public Enemy
Now join me friends, let’s unveil the clarity

Who am I to you? When you look what do you see?
All you see are the colors of sin
The American Dream is broken, you breed loathing
Who can, Who will - Make America Great Again?
I can’t be led by a Puppeteer of Dollar Strings
You wanna make the world free? (HUH?)
But the only thing costless, is the loss of me
Drop it! If she needs and investigation
(She’s out!) That’s the end of an asinine conversation

Rise Up! It’s far too late
I am the spirit of those who live with a target
One wrong factor can end an actor
The leaders are gone, the show is over
It’s the end of the road, but the start of -

The Culling!
A Constitution Diluted by Disillusion
The Culling!
A Jail For A Nationalistic Conspiracist!

Time puses back, but it doesn’t make it better
The War is getting colder and the water’s getting redder
Every Rose has it’s thorns
We are the Bulls with dulled horns - Branded!
We’re the ones you reprimanded!
I! Feel I was born in the wrong time
I’ll go forward and see if they opened their eyes
Or I’ll go back! So I could ******’ Revolutionize!
We all see, the ocean is vast
But like the truth and time, It Never Lasts!

Post-Traumatic Society Destruction
The Bliss of Disorder continues to function
All of the ways you hold us down
Leads to a point we take your crown
Everytime you hold us back
Pushed in a corner, poised to attack
One last push against -

The Culling!
We can’t hideaway any longer
The Culling (x3)
Your ignorance makes us stronger
The Culling!
A song written by me.
George Henry Jun 2015
Put my
Coin into the

And watch the
Plastic horses
Galloping away.

Now my ears sing
And I lead straight lines to circles,
Into symbols for the eye inside the glass ball,
Its blinking is its calling.
I carry it,
Cables dripping from my sleeves
Stumbling out of
And from
The oceans favour,
Back to my own arms.

Feeding back the seagulls to the breeze.

The thunder feeds my compass
To a sun lost in a forest.

Thrown into boxes with carpeted walls;

I find myself playing

Heavy metal.
Frank Ruland Jan 2015
.     Hello, friend. Do you like Rock and Heavy Metal, but not having to listen to people tell you that it's devil music? I can relate. While some people are just pretentious and think they're better than you in every aspect (which actually makes them a ****** person), others are just stuck in their old ways and refuse to acknowledge that things are changing. This refusal of a new world leaves them stuck amidst beliefs that leave them thinking anything new or different is far from the norm, and therefore is bad.
     But don't worry, friend. You should not fear the criticism of these people who put you down for listening to bands like Asking Alexandria, Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, Bullet for my Valentine, and others (so many others). Just like you, I enjoy the musical stylings of these bands and others, while at the same time know that the devil is not  apart of my life whatsoever. With the exception of my ex, who I believe inspired the Paranormal Activity series, but that's another story altogether.
     Please, take a moment to read the guidelines below to help spot people who may believe that the music you enjoy listening to comes from Satan himself, and how to respond accordingly:

1) If when somebody walks by you when you are listening to their music, and their face scrunches up as if they had just caught a whiff of a gnarly ****, they may be pretentious. Offer them an air freshener to hang from their backside. They will become self conscious of themselves and not approach you about your music again.

2) If when somebody hears your music, then shakes their head and tells you, "Bless your soul," fall onto the ground and pretend to have a seizure while shouting, "I will devour your soul!" While this approach will not change their opinion of your music,  they will run away from the sheer terror of thinking they just witnessed a demonic possession. You will never hear from them again.

3) If when somebody hears your music and tells you that you need Jesus in your life, shout " I WANNA ROCK," then reenact Twisted Sister's music video, "I Wanna Rock!" Dress in drag and slap really bad makeup on to complete the image. Have friends step in to help you completely blow their mind. After you are done, they will more than likely question their entire perspective on life and ask themselves what in the Hell just happened. With this, they will  set out to find Shangri-La in the Kunlun Mountains with the hopes of becoming enlightened.

     Truly, there are people in life that just don't understand our music and will do or say anything to put us down. Don't let them get to you though, friend! They are the ones who have failings in life. Rock on!
Another PSA! If you've ever been told that the music you listen to is bad or unruly, than you can probably relate to this. My grandmother was one of these people, and I always felt bad after she scolded me for listening to people like Rob Zombie. I almost stopped, but I had friends that I could talk to, and I soon discovered there was nothing bad about me or my music. Rock on, friend! As always, tell me what you think. Also, I always welcome new ideas for future PSA's!
Frank Ruland Nov 2014
Clap your hands and stomp your feet
if my words give off a beat.

I've got music in my veins
and Mercury keeps me sane.

Heavy metal everyday
because YOLO, anyways.

I am in love with Music,
and her absence makes me sick.

I will marry Melody--
in her I find ecstasy.

I can't help but sing along;
don't care if it's right or wrong.
Michelle Lynne Apr 2014
I remember the first time I laid my eyes upon your dark, golden-highlighted ringlets siting haphazardly on your nimble head. They were positioned above your flat, south Asian face, as if some wayward artist took his paintbrush and, in a fit of creative chaos, splattered and sputtered paint across a blank and endless canvas. Your hair represented the kind of sweet, quiet entropy that people needed in their lives. The great offense the artist had committed by being so reckless with such a delicate subject could be forgiven, however, because he surely acted as such simply because he had previously exhausted himself whilst meticulously creating your enrapturing eyes. Round cerulean orbs, speckled with bits of yellows and greens with a péridot ring centered around a pitch black pupil that represented the contents of your dispassionate heart. This is not an accurate description of the man who holds my unrequited love, however. You have achieved this sort of romantic, majestic rendition of beauty through the bias of my foolish heart and through my patronage of the arts. A typical person would do much better to portray you as nothing more than a hellish brute who is in desperate need of a haircut and a perhaps a larger assortment of clothing rather than torn, raggedy jeans and hand-me-down heavy metal t-shirts.

— The End —