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Sitting there in a tranquil state
Feeling nothing , but feeling everything
Knowing nothing , but knowing everything
And then you just let life be..
Simply, living.
Enjoying, living.
I time travel all the time
Well when I lurk deep enough in my mind
I travel to times in the past wrong or right
They’re all what made my life
I travel to times in the future and see light
It’s so unpredictable , but it’s always nice
Maybe not physically but I mentally time travel in my mind
It’s easy to time travel
You’ll find gold if you dig deep enough in my eyes.
Eyes are the gateway to the soul..
Lifes curse
Is being the only one
With a good heart

Good for being used
Torn apart
Use your head
The human heart's not
Not a love story . just being kind to people in general. Sometimes backfires ..gotta be a ***** sometimes
You’d never leave : you’re no where to be found.
You’d never hurt me : You put my heart in the ground.
You’d always keep me up : You shot me down.
You’d never lie to me : You made a fib everytime you made a sound.
You’d stay loyal : You made me look like a clown.
You’d always love me : I never feel it when you’re around ..
..But only the exact same two eyes can see what the exact same two eyes have seen ..
Quick thought for hunger
Rather loose a lover
Than love a looser
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