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When I look forward I see you, my past
But I’m not looking back
So that shouldn’t be possible
There you are in my mind, a fossil
a pure figment I’ve tried to bury
The weak dirt just flows away all weary
an iceberg with your face just floats there
That I’ve tried to drown
The water always fails to suffice
so it still drifts around
Maybe one day
my conscience won’t be so conscious of you
Maybe someday
Somebody else will replace what you left
Somebody will sweep you away
Maybe it will be a better you instead
So when I look forward, it’s clear
Maybe a better you will be you
I wanna smell that fall air I smelt as a kid
Just got done raking watching the leaves burn as we sit
hoping they don’t catch wind
Fresh cut grass right after on the mower with the messed up seat
Go inside with the doors open watching the birds feed as we sit and eat
Watermelon and salt with a sandwich, no worries just fun innocence  
simple days I didn’t take for granted, wouldn’t have ever wanted something different
Couldn’t ask for better days as a kid
My grandpa
             Words he gave
                            To me once upon a full moon
“Son” he said
            “When you go into this life”
“Remember, that love is a language “
             “So find, my son, find someone”
                     “Who speaks your language “
      “So you don’t have to translate your soul”
Even when you think the world is nothing but butterflies, you can’t help but notice there’s still dark skies
Away from the nonsense we try to arise, more pure with our words and not feeding into the lies
Even when they dim it down it doesn’t seem to change our minds, that a butterfly can fly in a dark sky
Glowing even brighter than it would if the sun were to shine, dodging rain drops in the nick of time
Finding a mate to fly by their side, and sticking it out to enjoy the gloomy days demise 🦋🌦
We can still rise and cherish one another like butterflies even through the darkest dark skies ✨
Every time I look, I don’t always watch
Every time I cook, I don’t always use pots
Anytime it’s too much, I never know how to stop it
Anytime I’m outta luck, I reallign all my options
Now every time I look, I always pay attention
Every time I’m shook, I make sure I stay connected
Now anytime I love, I’m gonna do it the smartest
Now anytime I’m up, I always make sure I go the hardest
Learning from yesterday’s mistakes, growing from yesterday’s pain ✊🏽
Summertime approaching you can feel it in the breeze
Keepin it fast pace when we ride we like to feel the wind up under our sleeves
The city goin to work cause we becoming the winning team
Keeping our bodies goin cause we don’t wanna feel it in our knees
This life is more than just a bunch of posting and layin in bed becoming weak
If I was the only one without a voice I would just show ya how to see
We all getting too grown up to keep hating on each others steez
All you gon see me doin is nothin cause I’m too busy chasing dreams
Like the genie out the bottle I’ll sweep ya girl right off her feet
Give her all her wishes and make sure she never has to say please
Like a genie out the bottle she stuck to me like Aladdin with the blue thing
Everything I write is off the top and original of course, 0-100 with ease
I just felt like I had to show my poetry club a different side of me 🤞👌
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