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Once in a blue moon, do I ever get time to think about you
Cause there’s always something about you that I  just can’t seem to resist
The way you curve like the crescent moon in the daytime skies blue abyss
The way your lips look relaxed and ready for every gracefully true kiss
Deep romantic, only once in a blue moon just for you is bliss
Unfinished due to blue moons
What happens when the weather around you doesn’t feel the same around the time it should
What happens when you don’t do things in the best times you thought you could
So much procrastination I could write a book about a book with out missing a single hook
What happens when the economy doesn’t fulfill how it should and they lied to us about everything we could
He won’t let that happen cause in my bible god is stronger than he should
God showers happiness in reciprocated perspective of person
Some egos collide , some fall down in shambles
Soon only to strive , and relive once what they used to gamble
Mine stays clear and always right by design, I tend to build rather gamble
For my family is guided, they just keep on jammin
Stay true ego nada
It’s okay to care about your friends
Roll around with them committing sins
Living every year like your freedom just began
It’s okay to be selfish when the time comes
When you’ve done all to be done
And had all the fun there was among
It’s okay when things change and you slow down what you do on a day to day
It’s okay to save and not go out just to play
It’s okay to change and do more for your sanest
Cause you can’t always do what others do everyday
It’s okay to change
Remember using this title as a kid in school, so young, no feel
Figured I’d use it and put my own spin, less imagination and more real
There’s treasure in the sea you see you just have to hook and reel
One fish lost but another to come guaranteed, now I know the deal
We traveled all across from top to sea floor,  it’d be a waste to give the whole spiel  
Cause we got separated by the current of jealousy and blood thirsty sharks
I fought and fought but nothing I did seemed to leave a mark
I couldn’t hold onto you because you wanted to leave me alone and apart
Woulda swam w you till dried up on shore
You weren’t strong enough to fight the hurricane bound to come in the dark
So I go swimming through the deep blue to find my treasured fish in the sea
Each fish a treasure, one fish a chest you bury and keep
In life you go through changes
You can either grow with them
Or you can stay the same
No matter what you gotta grow and maintain to make change
All change matters
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