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Seconds, minutes, hours, days...

You can get over it. Tick, tick.

Days, weeks, months, years...

You're in a different place. Ring, ring.

Decades, centuries, millennium, eons...

We're all the same! Toll, toll.
To look after yourself is the greatest thing.

But how to do this when you've never been looked after.

To know when to stop and when to start. Is difficult when you've had an uncared for heart.

Always at the bottom of the pile, guilt creeps in, can't laugh or smile.

Stay locked away and feel shame and sin.

Please someone look after me.

No,  I can't let anyone in.
I've tried to understand myself, the what, the where, the WHY?

The more I look inside myself, the more I want to cry.

My souls been searched a thousand times and still I ask the question, who am I?

I sometimes think I've cracked it, got the secret, changed my mind. But it's all gone in a blink of an eye, I've ruined things again...Who am I?

No longer can I scream and shout because I've started to just sigh. This never ending question plays on, who am I?

I look to others for validation, or run away from their judging eyes. I'm not sure they can tell me, who am I?

In a day I'll have the answer, in a week I'll kiss it goodbye, in a month I'm going faster, in a year...Who am I?

And I've tried to understand myself, the what, the where, the WHY...But can I ask you a question? Who am I?
Right now I am happy...

I feel comfortable and I feel safe.

I feel grateful for my existence and I'm enjoying my life.

I feel a warmth envelop me a hundred times a day.

Reminding me I am alive and content and free.

Right now I am happy...

I am happy to be me.

I know I'm going the right way even though I'm not certain which way that may be.

I know this from my feelings deep down inside.

I've learned to understand me, for so long I have tried.

Right now I am happy...

It's been a journey and I've survived.

I learned the hard way, to be calm and still my pride.

I want others to learn sooner, that way they can enjoy life.

Because right now I'm happy, happy to be alive.

— The End —