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I've reached a fork in the road and its time to decide. There's no clear path. My way is blinded by a light.

The decisions I make, I must stand by and at the side. Strong and tall in the fact that I chose the way with my inner guide.

Is this the ending you had in your mind? When the fork came and forced you to decide.

Was the fork created in your thought riddled mind? Was the journey one on which you could abide?

Or could you have stayed in the grey and stood aside?

The decisions you must make are they on your path or in your mind?

That is the true dilemma on which you must decide.
I write about my experience of my reality. Is what I'm thinking real or a paradox?
Your choice.
You choose.
Some you'll win.
Some you'll lose.
But at least you had the guys to choose.

Faced with a path, no end in sight.
Should I take the left or right?

Your choice.
You choose.
Remember, some you'll win.
Some you lose.
Choices are important in life. You have to know that you always have a choice. No matter what. Then own it. Even if you made the wrong choice. Doesn't mean you can never make a right one. Own your choices, use them
Ever feel so certain that you've found the right way?

I feel so certain, every single day.

But like the wind, my mind will change.
Change and bend but never breaks.

I'm on a journey but is it the right path?
I thought so yesterday when I went left.

Back then right and zig and zag.
Where am I going? I have to ask.

I thought I got there, I thought you were the one, but I'm sat here in darkness and;

I still don't know.
On this day
48 years ago
I incarnated
Arrived, was born

Some might say
My existence began
But I know
That's not the whole of it

I may have been born
But my life
Just like yours
Has always been

It is energy, pulsating
Vibrating, waving
Manifesting in countless ways
Always existing

And you and I have travelled together
In lifetime after lifetime
Brought together
In this moment

To celebrate
Our eternity
A lie, just a little white lie
She told.
Was the lie to hide the truth or how she felt inside
Who knows
In time, a lie becomes a way of life
To save her, to save him
To save them.
If I cry, what am I crying for?
For me or for you?
Is it the situation or time? For me there is no rhyme...

But I see a pattern, this keeps on happening.
I can't explain it.
I don't understand it.

I just cry...but why?

I look inside, see a glimpse and sigh.
Why do I cry?

Am I crying today, for the same things as yesterday?
I shrug to myself and say...I don't know why, I cry, I really hope I'm not still crying on the day I die.
I write to try and understand what's in my head and make sense of the world. Sometimes I feel like I've got this...others not so.
Seconds, minutes, hours, days...

You can get over it. Tick, tick.

Days, weeks, months, years...

You're in a different place. Ring, ring.

Decades, centuries, millennium, eons...

We're all the same! Toll, toll.
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