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S Dec 2020
I burned my hand making Christmas cookies
for my small chosen family-
hoping that it is enough to thank them
for keeping me from falling headfirst
and loosing myself to my own mind.
Mila Berlioz Sep 2015
Falling, falling
Am I running to fast?
I could fall
I hope I don't
I fell already but since I fell
I started running.
Running running,
Am I running alright?

Burning, burning
Did I turn the candle on too quickly?
Or did I turn it on at the right time?
Will the wax melt down rapidly
Or will it last?
I really want this candle to last
I like its smell and its light.

I usually do stupid things,
I don't want to make the same mistakes
Not again.

I like running, I like this way of running.
And turning candles on
Isn't exactly my favorite thing to do
But I did turn this one on, I like it.

I'm just scared to fall, or burn myself by turning the candle on.
Just overthinking a bit, falling in love is a complicated thing.

— The End —