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Carmen Jane Mar 2
You're there on your knees with your feet tucked under,
The morning sun, delivered by rays of wonder,
It's casted bountiful  in the center of our old rug.
Taking my last sip  from my cracked coffee mug,
I salute you by borrowing our rooster's chant!
Gifted toys gets a break from your daily enchant,
As you jump on your feet and pull me out the door
You are delighted to fulfill our morning chore.

The basket sways to and fro at the pace of your walk,
We hold hands exchanging thoughts when we talk
We arrive to collect the eggs that where laid
And soon hold the answers for what last night you've prayed
As we fill our basket you blow kisses in the air
You thank the chickens for the eggs they've shared
But there's always one egg that you store in your pocket
To carry it  you like, with your  treasure found sprocket

‘till we get back inside I hope  won't spill on your leg
I  ***** ways to replace it with a fresh boiled egg
Aaron Layton Feb 25
What doesn't **** you
Makes you stronger
Well the first part isn't true
It doesn't **** it conquers

It wipes over every thought
To the point you think nothing but
And with every muscle you fought
It wasn't enough to even leave a small cut

See this thing takes over
Lives and breathes disaster
Leaving your arms and leg cover
Shutting people out so you speak no answer

Pushing family and friends away
Going to that dark place
Letting your mind decay
Needing someone to embrace

But in a time when everything was broken
I looked up and you was standing there
with a smile on my face my heart awoken
Healing me like walking Medicare

And now 3 years later we are getting married
We grew so much together
When your close I feel like I'm in a sanctuary
Our love for each other is a tether

We survived with each other
Through the bad and worst times
We have watched over one another
To make sure we dont cross lines

From here it's all uphill
Making memories and creating pacts
I love you and forever will
Nothing can change that
smile flower Feb 24
thanks, to you who's words comforted me.

thanks, to you who's voice wrapped me up in a warm blanket safe from the world.

thanks, to you who made me laugh during sleepless nights.

thanks, to you who showed me that it's okay not to be perfect.

thanks, to you who I have never met.
today wasnt great, but I smiled once I heard your voice.
Jenna Feb 24
Dear, to whomever,
last parting gift of gratitude
lips press against seal
to whomever,
this piece of wretched heart
is easily teared apart
to whomever,
it may not be your concern
but hold me close

As this is my last piece of comfort
Deadwood Jawn Feb 22
Like a deep, turquoise river
Flowing freely

A triangular-shaped
Pleasant concord.

I thank thee.
A lovely conversation between three people today.
Crystal Freda Feb 11
She looked around the table
at every smiling face.
She also was smiling
to be happy in the place.

Turkey and mashed potatoes
piled on every flowered plate.
Everything tasted so good
and the company was great.

As she opened her eyes
her dream was not so.
She looked around the table,
everyone eating slowly in silent woe.

Her heart sagged a little
for this is what family has become.
They should be happy to be together
united as one.
A thanksgiving poem.
Lost Jan 21
You have always been there
Right at my side
My only constant
My only rock
Was that you were there
You never stopped

You hurt me
But you’re familiar
I come back to you

You bind my chest
You ignite the air
In my heaving lungs
Each evening I fall to rest
Sleep saps my being sweetly
And I meet you in my dreams

You hurt me
But I love you
You teach me
And I seek you

Without you
I am not a poet
Without you I cannot learn
My pain is suffocating
But it is worth the hurt
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