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majsrivas Sep 2019
thrown-out speeches I almost said to you:

i wake in the nights thinking why all my dreams are about you?

lest we forget, the moon is high that October 28 when we saw each other and sit on the back seat of the bus and i didn't know if you knew but the heartbreak prince, on that particular day, broke my heart--

and to tell you the truth there are so many things that crossed my mind that one magical night like "why are you here?", "did God send you to comfort me?" or "did He send you to catch me the minute i am free to be with our dear lost boys again saying "run away with me"?"

flashbacks waking me up to all the cold shoulder I gave you as i re-read our old conversation, to the times you reach out and i don't reply cos i played stupid games, chandelier's not flickering there, and i won stupid prizes.

but all's well cos we end well and i'm happy for you.

and those are the things i wanted to say to you on September 2
but all i did was to say, "happy birthday to you."
majsrivas Nov 2015
I remember asking you, "do you think we're getting married someday, love?" And you always said yes. But you didn't know i thought about how i never wanted to be without you and how happy you made me. And how i wanted to go on being that happy for the rest of my life.

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  Oct 2015 majsrivas
raine cooper
some people never leave.
they're always inside you,
crushing your glass bones,
and setting fire to your paper heart
majsrivas Oct 2015
So full of you, it's 01:12 and you're empty of me
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