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Berenice Feb 2020
What is Longing?
Longing is Love.
He said:
When I'm with you I miss her
When I'm with her I miss you...
That's Poliamory essence
Random thought at midnight.
Happy Family day
Berenice Dec 2019
Yes, you are poliamorous
Yes, your heart will break every time.

But, I gave up fallin' in love 'cause it hurts,
For I tend to stuck in my mind
With a person I love
I wrote it as a comment to someone's poem, I thought it could be... poem
Berenice Dec 2019
What's going on in your Marshmallow head
What does it tell your sweet Cookie soul
Chocolate skin and Brownie hair
Turned it's back to intuition

I know you have been spontaneous
Breaking bad
The only traces are left
Lines in a WhatsApp
I found this message I sent in whatsapp: "You are Chocolatemarshmellosweetcake
Uncreadibly sweet and addictive girl Im dying for". Wrote to my metamour, I unexpectedly felt in love...
Berenice Dec 2019
This cruel love...
Take it away from me
I wish i can throw it back to your pretty face

I have nothing to do with it
I'd like to get rid of it
To give it away
No money - for free
Why me?
Berenice Dec 2019
I wish I was not trapped in between of walls of my memories
Locked in without window or a visible door
Berenice Dec 2019
When you are done with him
Remember, I'm here
All you need is not to forget
Berenice Jul 2019
To A&O / Danny Itkin

Saw two birds flying in Prague

Heralding warm summer's winds

Whoever sees them feels at home

You might even think that they're twins

Two birds enjoying cheese and strawberries

Slaloming clouds and city lights

Sharing experiences from overseas

Wondering what's next and what's right

If you meet them send my regards

Send my deepest love and sympathy

Tell them both that I'm right here

Curious about what will be

written by Danny to O. & A. he admires both of them
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