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Oct 2015
The air has a burnt smell
It is hot and dry
The streets areΒ Β empty
Even the dogs are missing
It is a hot and bright afternoon

People have taken refuge
under the roofs of their homes or work places
Even the trees seem to be mute
So are the birds and the cattle

My throat is dry
My mind is blank
My brain is asleep
Am struggling to keep awake

The weather is strange
The climate is changing
The ponds are dry
The brooks are dusty
with no water to flow

The earth is moving lazy and slow
Time seem to crawling because of the heat
The noon seems to un-ending
The schools are noiseless and sleepy.

It is dusty and hazy
The only wind being because of the
fast moving buses and trucks
and some occasional cars

The windows are closed
so do the doors of the buildings
across the streets
The rich enjoying their siesta
in the air conditioned rooms

The poor, sweating it out
in their places of work
for their daily wages
so that they can have
some food to eat in the night.

so also that
the rich can continue to have
their peaceful siestas
Raghu Menon
Written by
Raghu Menon  Pondicherry, INDIA
(Pondicherry, INDIA)   
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