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Cordoba is home to the largest mosque in the world,
The Mezquita's architectural splendour is a stunning monument to behold,
It is a confluence of Jewish, Islamic and Christian trinity,
Whose influence through the ages will stretch to eternity

Swarming with tourists be it individuals or groups,
Who throng the roads through which they incessantly troop,
The multi-cultural mix is what makes the sight so appealing,
One cannot but experience the inescapable joyful feeling

As one saunters through the must- visit touristic Jewish Quarter,
The innumerable winding lanes and by-lanes really do not matter,
Rows and rows of shops have a wide range of offerings,
All that one needs to do is spend without bothering

It's a gourmet's delight at restaurants when it comes to variety,
One needs to go through the menu card in it's entirety,
The trick is to experiment with different types of food,
Hopping in and out of eateries makes you feel so good

The sweltering heat does little to dampen the enthusiasm,
People go about their work with no less dynamism,
The famed Spanish siesta can still be seen at play,
With shuttering of shops and offices just past mid-day

With tourism a major factor contributing to the economy,
It is important to underscore the need to live in harmony,
This trait among people is so blatantly on display,
An ingrained culture preserved till this very day
Emily Jul 2018
All smiles and giggles when six
Turns quickly to fussing and fits
Whenever is said,
“Naptime. Go directly to bed.”

Yet sleep achieves a great feat,
For when they are woken
The grumpies are beat.

If only all woes were
as easily solved.
Imagine a workplace
that had evolved

To give people a bed
Whenever they needed
more sleep for their head.

Can you imagine, “Siesta right now.
You may not metaphorically plow.
Until kindness to rule, you allow.”

If only siestas for adults
Would bring forgiveness for insults.

Perhaps sleep would like magic reduce
The times of backstabbing and power abuse,
The number of errors, but creativity loose,
And lead to more income and clients profuse.
This really isn’t that novel—what I’d like to know is who will pay me to take a siesta at work and if I’ll still be able to finish the day’s work?
Bill Higham Apr 2016
the joyful indolence of a summer's day,
the siesta lull which wakes
to a slow pushbike ride,
or momentary lapses into conversation
under the shade of the banyan tree
Raghu Menon Oct 2015
The air has a burnt smell
It is hot and dry
The streets are  empty
Even the dogs are missing
It is a hot and bright afternoon

People have taken refuge
under the roofs of their homes or work places
Even the trees seem to be mute
So are the birds and the cattle

My throat is dry
My mind is blank
My brain is asleep
Am struggling to keep awake

The weather is strange
The climate is changing
The ponds are dry
The brooks are dusty
with no water to flow

The earth is moving lazy and slow
Time seem to crawling because of the heat
The noon seems to un-ending
The schools are noiseless and sleepy.

It is dusty and hazy
The only wind being because of the
fast moving buses and trucks
and some occasional cars

The windows are closed
so do the doors of the buildings
across the streets
The rich enjoying their siesta
in the air conditioned rooms

The poor, sweating it out
in their places of work
for their daily wages
so that they can have
some food to eat in the night.

so also that
the rich can continue to have
their peaceful siestas
Terry Collett Jul 2015
likes to watch
some TV

at midday
once we're back
from the beach

getting sun
she sits there
in the lounge

of our room
hotel place

get me wine
she asks me

sitting there
in that red

that my young
pecker likes
sure I will

I tell her
white or red?
sweet white please

so I go
get her wine
and get beer

for myself
and sit down
the programme

on TV
is foreign
a couple

in a room
what are they

about then?
she asks me

she's found out
he's *******

her sister
looks at me

how did she
find that out?
I don't know

I reply
I'm guessing
the couple

on TV
argue more
do you think

her sister's
and that's why

he's doing it?
says to me

sipping wine
I drink beer
taking in

where the red
keeps it wrapped

I don't know
what the two
actors say

it's foreign
I tell her
why say what

you said then
about him
******* with

her sister?
says to me

just a thought
in my head
I tell her

I thank God
I haven't
a sister

she tells me
I love her

of bright red
what about
a ****

I ask her
we finish

up our drinks
and she says
just as long

as you don't
pretend I'm
the sister

I don't have
I wouldn't
want to think

you having
*** with her
while with me

whispers soft
in my ear

don't worry
I tell her
your pretend

big sister's
not my kind
but as we

get down to
having our

I keep her
big sister

(an image
I made up)
in my mind.

— The End —