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wow i haven’t been on this site in 5ever but i’m reading my old poems and why was so emo man like i’m pretty sure my life wasn’t even this bad what.
My soul's a lil' lizard,
too lilylivered to flick its head
out from under pockmarked
rockslide of my flesh.
Tracking the way things shoulda been,
my Pyrrhic quarry past twentyyear.
Bounty on my head only Time will collect;
wanna be old timer? Cry silver viper tears.

I don't ask for much, just a cactus crutch.

As a child I was a wildman,
but needed to convalesce
amid the tumbleweed titans
and sirensong of crickets.
An oasis in the desert's in the desert nonetheless/
an oasis in the desert is still an oasis.
The scorpions are my new friends,
coz all my old friends were scorpions.

I don't ask for much, just a cactus crutch.
I don't ask for much,
just to be a buzzard for your love.

— The End —