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lulu Dec 2018
It's finally over,
I'm breaking out of you,
You were a cage in disguise of a shell.
You were coated gold,
I couldn't see the black beneath you.
I thought you were a shell of light weight,
But the truth was you were actually not there;
To protect me neither love me.
You made me believe that love was still.
But, little did i know that love was a nonchalant tornado.
guess you don't know what true love is
lulu Nov 2018
I'm a lavender,
wild and vibrant.
I am the fragrance
that fills your lungs,
with every breath you intake.
I'm beauty in chaos.
I am a soothing lullaby.

But you prefer roses,
Soft and red,
petals that you could let
your fingers linger.
With lust and desire,
no trust;
a love that is a blazing fire.
i can love you better than her.
lulu Nov 2018
You were my cigar,
a very toxic one,
you were waiting to be lit.
I was your lighter,
i was hoping to see a flame.
We burned,
But now all that's left is smoke.
'our love has burnt.'
so, i thought but no.
lulu Nov 2018
winter nights,
couch days.
sweater, socks and
no pants.
coffee with half a spoon sugar,
some days i like the bitter and the cold in the chaos.
only cuddles and coffee.

— The End —