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Erin Suurkoivu Oct 2016
Your moth light is supposed to
sustain me.

I am told to discredit
my sun,

its fuel unnecessary,
yours enough.

What do shadows live on,
this light?

I am the keeper of your
caterpillar dreams.
Featured along with other fine poems in my poetry collection, "Witch", available on Amazon and Lulu.
andrew juma Dec 2015
Oh universe
How you sustain all lives
Is so marvellous

Mother Nature
You constant watcher
You are not a quitter

The seas know their space
The sun sets in the west
And never loses that course

The trees  cleanse the air
Herbs with sweet smelling fragrance
And wild honey tastes so sweet

Oh universe
How do you manage this
With so many of us?

The hogs eliminate snakes
The pests  feed on wastes
Vultures take care of  dead carcasses

We all look to you when we need food
You provide it
We eat it

Every one of your dependants
Know their expectations
In  selfregulation
The eater and the eaten

Life never ceases
It only changes form
Rotting plants become humus
And sustain growing plants

Edible animals become part of man
man's DNA lives on in their descendants...
And then man grew a few beards

With his advancements
Interfering with all others
Breaking laws
Creating disaters

In the eco
thick smokes of toxic
chemicals that destroy flora and fauna
Massive deforestation

and then he turns to you
expecting you to produce
When he ploughs your soils
Looking up to the clouds

You used to give a ****
But now you feed them back their poison
And their lives shorten

Retribution for being stubborn
And interfering with you
Mother nature

You heard them talking of space exploration
Look for life in another planet as solution
You just laughed

They think that they can destroy you
And leave for another planet
You are the only One

Blessed among the stars
To sustain lives
They will come running to you
Like the prodigal son

And maybe the rebellious
Shall have learnt a few lessons

Oh Universe
Its so fabulous
that you sustain all lives
Lets all conserve and preserve the environment,from it we derive.
Alan S Bailey Apr 2015
Her envisioned music rolls
Notes splashing like the sea,
Her endless ocean song
And my piano-one and free.
The passion in each salty song
Never wash away with rain,
And strong and never settling
The roar and surge sustains.
I can feel her breathing
And her warm arms holding me,
Their bouyant as floating boats
Giving me all of her I need.
The music is now ebbing,
And flows into channels of changing tides.
She kindly strokes my soft black hair
As I gaze into her deep dark eyes.
I'll awaken once she sets me free...
Abdullah Ayyash Jan 2015
The sea is becoming rapidly salty
No matter how much skies rain
The waves are strongly agitating
And my ship can no longer sustain

So again and again and again
I want you to look at my vane
I want you to be so much closer
I want you to heal all of my pain
© Copyrighted
Abdullah Ayyash
December 11th, 2014
The body is weary
The spirit is drained
Lord sustain me
Set my heart aflame
Guide my hands
In every act I do
Let me work
As though I work for you
Lift my thoughts
To dwell on higher things
And let the words of my mouth
Be like the song the sparrow sings
Lord the mind is willing
But the body
I've been going and going for so long. I haven't had a chance to really rest.

— The End —