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  Sep 2016 andrew juma
Autumn Rose
High walls protected
her wounded heart which
from a secret garden became
a haunted graveyard...
  Sep 2016 andrew juma
Illya Oz
When my day is feeling gray
And my mind is in disarray
I look outside
Only to find
A blue butterfly
Fluttering through the sky

When I saw the blue
Of its wings as it flew
It brought a smile to my face
As its wings flap with grace
It brings happiness in its wake
And many friends does it make*
For my friend Kirashma, who is always so kind and friendly and always makes people happy just like the blue butterfly.
andrew juma Sep 2016
The tall grass swayed as I ran through the fields of time,
Looking for places to run and hide,
I could not subdue the voracious ghost,
Had tried tried to mend it- but it only broke me
Tried to fight it- but it turned me into a monster
In the end I became a tad wiser
What you cant face run from it fast
Life is a race anway, cant go back now
Today running away from yesterday
As days start to fly like free birds in flight
And tomorrow from today, while the sun goes down.
  Sep 2016 andrew juma
I've got the perfect body,
yet I wish I was somebody,
I've got the perfect voice,
yet I feel I have no choice.
I have the perfect life for someone else...

I hide in the shadows in the daylight.
I only come out at night.
My soul is a black hole,
with only one goal...
to absorb the light you possess.

My heart is scarred from trying to love,
I can make a heart stop with a quick shove.
Never caught in the dark,
it's my birthmark.
**Etched to exist in constant joy to sin.
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