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Keren Jun 2016
I met a girl whose name is sky's hue
Combined with a thing that has a melody to foretell
And this may sound so vain
But it rhymes her name.

I met a poet who's spinning in a far bustling place
Known as the city that never sleeps
And I feel like a star
That's crawling into the unknown

I found this someone a downreaching one
Though she's miles away, one that I never took a glance at
She'll be an spectacle,
I'll always wait for her written words

Maybe someday, just like color blue
I'd find her my tranquility just like most people do
And listen to the sweet, tinkling melody bell foretells
With the one who directs me all the way just like a weathervane.
For the one whom I just met. Im not good at writing poems anyway. It *****.
Thomas Conlan Jan 2016
Better be feeling the best
Her hungry heart's at rest
Soaking in scarlet heat
To break her broken beat
As she waits and wonders why
Life hurts so much, then you die
Envy only everyone enjoyed
Demons deter, and she's destroyed
Dead down, deep inside
All the easier to hide
Living behind sweet smiling
All the while she is lying
Her eyes are heavy, its time for sleep
With secrets she can no longer keep
The water is cold
He has her hold
The pain, it leaves her head
And finally, she is dead
Abdullah Ayyash Jan 2015
The sea is becoming rapidly salty
No matter how much skies rain
The waves are strongly agitating
And my ship can no longer sustain

So again and again and again
I want you to look at my vane
I want you to be so much closer
I want you to heal all of my pain
© Copyrighted
Abdullah Ayyash
December 11th, 2014

— The End —