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Lou Romano Jun 2020
blue for as far
as the mind can see.
White tipped waves
searching for a shore


and returning to the sea
The scent of the ocean
wafting thru the air
that’s so wet
you can wring it out.

Pelicans and seagulls
on the horizon,
diving into schools
of fleeting fish
that appear to be dancing.

keeping time with
with the reflections
of the setting sun.

Rippling across the waves
that spray over the sides
of your mind

Making rainbows
that disappear
into the winds
as quickly as they appeared

but not before
cooling your body
with their spray
and waking you
from your slumber

to the realization
that it’s all a dream
A wonderful *******
Lou Romano Jun 2020
Blinded by brilliant displays of illusion
like painted windows peering into emptiness
as a mind unfurls in the expanses of eternity

Chattering along a path to inner freedom
As dandelions float on wisps of thought
gently rocking paradoxical lives of leisure

While the intentions of a charismatic dream
drift quietly down to where shadows meet in darkness
at high noon on soap boxes to mourn the setting sun

Ambiguity buried behind a veil of mindlessness
erupting from a frenzied denial of truth, slapped in the faces
of the holier than thou as they pray for lost souls

Living within self inspired comas of deception
where vague truths knock daily on open doors
that lead to nothingness, where no one's home
Lou Romano Jun 2020
Carry me, far far away
to the places in my dreams.
Reality’s just somewhere to visit
where nothing is, as it seems
Lou Romano Jun 2020
darkness, the unlight
whats left when light is gone
what was before it came
it is not made it simply is

light can only pierce the darkness
but darkness is everywhere
the moon and stars are but lighthouses
beacons in the night

only on earth do darkness and light
appear to be equals
and only on earth is darkness seen as the evil side
but not in the reality of the universe

when the sun eventually burns out there will be darkness
when all else ceases there will be darkness
nothing can stop it
for it is its own source
and feeds upon itself

it is the alpha and the omega of natural evolution
it is the sea from which came the light
the fertile breeding ground of the universe
the womb that gave us life
and when life ends it is the welcome home

the calm before the storm that is life
and the tranquility when it ends
Lou Romano Jun 2020
You placed land mines,
put up walls,
and strung barbed wire
around the path
to your heart.
Closed and locked
the doors
and windows
to your soul.
Leaving us
but one road to travel
in opposite directions.
Lou Romano Jun 2020
I don’t believe I’ll believe in anything any more

Not in love
Not in reason
Not in faith
Only treason

Not in the hate I’ve seen in your heart
Not in the love we’ve lost
Not in the seasons of time gone by

And not in tears
Bitter sweet in your eyes

For you’ve taken from me all I believed in

Took my love
Took my reason
Took my faith
With your treason

Showed me the bitterness and hatred
Took away the seasons
All of my reasons for believing

In living
In loving
In giving
In eternity
Lou Romano Apr 2020
I'm so tired
In this cage
Life admired
Can't engage

Wasting away
Pitiful sorrow
Praying today
For life tomorrow
Lock-down blues
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