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Ghostlizard Jan 2019
Who among you to know my game
Wood leg gaggin two good lames
Old man nick’s been burnin dreams
Till I come out, settle in the seams

Purps on the news I duck my head
Home to cookin, feel good dread
I'm in my zone, the throne ceramic
My buddy Nick, he calls panic

Tells me now “come’re you wannit”
I duck flows I’m barely onnit
To pass a day a daily life
Feel fists fapping, fury fright

My "friend" nick ain’t seen him so much
**** come hither hits so blunt
I’m on the floor his sucker punch
Can’t remember my past three lunch

Cereal on the beach
Seeing now that what I preach
Over yonder my future’s bleak
Blue so ocean yet I’m so weak

Call my name again won’t do
It’s not bad I’ll make it through
I’ll see you on the other side
Where lust and beauty don’t collide
Ghostlizard Oct 2018
The rain falls, the light rises, darkness caresses the city
Passing cars and passed out pedestrians pile on
Darkness and moisture cling to what is not

Illuminated streets from billboards, street lamps, and storefronts
These passing lights fool me into thinking it is day
It is Night

Smoke from the sewers dance around me as I walk through
Will the beating rhythm of cars and shouts ever sleep?
A city that never sleeps

Colors glide over the sodden streets, through thunderous rain
A storm that beats down, hard, ambient, ever present
Inexorable tides of water from the sky

Headlights blind but never linger, as I walk my hustled step
In and around the grid that weakens the foolhardy
But rises those up, just the same

Thousands of buildings, thousands of droplets, all meeting each other
Those skyward skyscrapers are the swords into the clouds
Meeting them with their stand

New York meets everything with pushback
Umbrellas against the wet, Brutality against the poor, Sorrow against the weak
Love-hate calls to them

I stare across the river, to the skyscrapers of another world
Nothing to the majesty and soul crushing weight I get to walk under
A concrete welcome to The Jungle

All that is will be undone, those lights, those cars, those wonders
I among them fade into antiquity, my footprints lost into the washing grime
All is nothing against Time
Ghostlizard Mar 2018
The instructor said,

Go home and write
a page tonight
And let that page come out of you—
Then it ill be true

Will it be that easy?
White, weird and sixteen
Growing up in New York City
Where moments flicker by like a dream.
Middle school says life’s ahead
While city commutes blend together.
With brief respites to a Vermont house
Having nature’s bounty out the window.
Though daily, I have only a poor rectangle substitute.

Though I see the world in its immensity,
What I’ve seen are mere trips from my city.
All the while striving to find meaning in this chaos,
But ending up being lost in the sauce.

I enjoy gaming, idle chat and to humorously play
Though mostly with friends who live so far away.
But after I go to see them,
My memories slowly fade away.
They come to see me in my abode.
Concerts, cards and killer jokes
To pass the time between visits,
I listen to a multitude of books.
Something is lost with them on tape,
I'm told.
But convenience is something that it holds
During art classes full of concentration
Where I can get lost in the rhythm of their words
I seem to think I lose touch with conversation
But I think to save it
For those I love the most.
To my friends who are my brothers
I look to them-
To give me hope: For a life to still have meaning.
Some have it inherent,
Others shrivel up without it,
Some find it in responsibility,
But for me,
It is in those people whom I connect with the most.

This is my page for English 6.
I did this in my english class, for an emulation of a poem
Ghostlizard Jan 2018
STARS the galaxy
I'm feeling it right now
The whole world
The whole world
I sometimes feel like this
The way I feel after a breakup
Or when I finish something good
I'm normally a happy guy
I laugh I wrestle
But when I feel like this
I never know, my life
I never normally write it down
Poetry or in a journal
STARS the galaxy
Some people see it and hide
Some drink, now more commit suicide
I never know what to expect
Will I ever find that thing
A purpose
It was easier back then
Because of how hard it was
STARS the galaxy
I'm still, we are still alone
Ghostlizard Jan 2018
Rude, you don't need to be disrespectful
Why, you're coming, we are family
Church, I don't care about it
God, you are Catholic
18, what is so special about it
Off to college, a nightmare and a dream
Drugs, it makes you feel
Unfeeling, I wish I wasn't so
Suicide, too much
Ghostlizard Oct 2017
One and one and two and three
The clock, the clocks are in my knees
They turn and turn my legs around
Walking, walking legs abound
These thoughts, these thoughts I have are mad
You see, I see through you I see
Those thoughts, those thoughts you have of seas
You want, you want to leave this town
And move, moving out around
To the shore, to the shore you'll soon you'll see
But what you'll find, find a place unfit for thee
I know, I know I always know
I hug you and hug you to calm your nerves
What people all people want, they want inside
I give you, I give you a knife inside

The blood, the blood it's on the floor
Your eyes, your eyes sparkle no more
My cheeks, my cheeks wrinkle and ruffle
My smile, my smile bursts out a chuckle
I then, I then I look, I look
Not knowing, not knowing I shook, I shook
I think, I think, oh what have I done
Clarity, clarity for a minute, a minute
Turn turning, turn turning my mind not in it
I lie I lie soaking myself
The blood the blood don't miss anyone else
The blood the blood, the blood my bloodied talk
I murmur, murmur the birds start to squawk
I laugh, I play in a joyous land
I think, I think to myself… bland
What I’ve, I’ve done, I’ve killed my prize
the one I’ve killed which was my rise
Yes it's bland, it's bland I leap
I hit, I hit my head to sleep

I find, I find I'm dry to the floor
I wait, I wait for an open the door
It's something, just something, in the back of my mind
What is it, what is it, I find so sublime?
It's just, it's just there's a window in her  house
I'm thinking, I'm standing my hand on her blouse
I'm up, I'm up I look out the window
I see, I see a young lucky widow
Maybe just maybe her man gone, the war
I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready once more
Ghostlizard Oct 2017
My old days are here, I’ve seen this arrive
I now look on the youth, I look at them thrive
Though I feel disappointment, with what they call “tech”
It’s online what is founded, but a richness they lack
They all love their screens, what my kids call devises
But when they turn on the tele, this screen now their vices
This richness they lack, is not of their money
But in culture it is seen, with what now they call funny
My life has been interesting, I’ve traveled the world’s map
But what I’ve actually traveled, they look on their lap
There eyes are less bright, like how mine have now dimmed
But theirs isn’t from old age, its their lives that they’ve thinned
But as my hands start to shake, and my vision constantly fading
I look to the youth, a group maybe worth saving.
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